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One of the excellent resources that your student can utilize over the summer is Epic!. This software is free for Rome City School students and instantly gives them access to over 40,000 books, learning videos, quizzes, and more. You can log in at, and if you don’t have a login, contact your teacher to have your credentials sent to you.

Carly Malcom, First Grade Teacher at West End Elementary, explains, “Epic books for kids is a wonderful online resource for students to use over the summer break to continue reading. This website has thousands of books that students can choose to read from on all different levels. You have the option to search by age or reading level if you are looking for specific books on your child’s level.”

Students can search for a title, author, or keyword to find a book of their choice. There’s also an explore option that allows them to pick a topic, and publications related to that topic. There are even books that will read aloud to students that will enable them to hear fluent reading.

This software is excellent for children who are learning how to read. Some of the books also have quizzes that students can take when they are finished. This helps check how well they understood what they read. Epic also allows the student to create a library of their favorites.

“In addition to books, Epic also has educational videos. The students love watching DIY crafts, science, sports, and animal videos! This website is an excellent way to keep students engaged and practicing their reading skills over the summer,” says Malcom.