Ask any participant in a house hunting reality show what they want in a kitchen or bathroom and the answer is almost always the same: granite countertops. The long-lasting, hardy material comes any style, color or shape you can imagine and can be found at Rome Granite Countertops.

Edwin Acosta and his family have been in business for over 15 years beautifying residential homes and commercial businesses with granite and quartz products. They also perform complete remodeling work including tile work, showers, tubs, and cabinet work.

A family run business, Acosta joined Rome Granite Countertops LLC after his brother, Gyro, and their father partnered to purchase the company from Gyro’s former employer. Since then, several other family members have also joined the business. “Everyone wants to better themselves,” says Edwin. “A lot of times when you’re working for someone else, you struggle. So yes, the motivation was to better ourselves. To try to get some peace of life out of it. And to do the kind of work that will make everyone know us for the work that we do.

Coming from a Hispanic family, everything we have we had to work for, so while working for someone else, you want to learn everything you can to do a good job. But in reality, the time comes where you ask yourself, what can you do with what you have learned to do better for yourself and your family. Thank God we had the opportunity present itself to purchase the company. We identified that moment as the big opportunity and we told ourselves that we’d do the work ourselves and see where it would go and 15 years later, here we are, still running the business, and still with the hard work and the workmanship, so that we can keep on going. The hope is it continues to go on as a family business in the future.”

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Rome Granite Countertops installs different styles, colors, and components or granite, marble, silestone and other natural and man-made material. They have traveled to all parts of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina with their high-quality work.

One popular design that they offer is called a waterfall, a technique that makes the material appear to be one solid piece of stone, with all of the required angles cut at the shop or on site, and with each mix or coloring for joints made by hand.

Another material rising in popularity is quartz, which is similar to granite but already contains a protective coating, eliminating the need for an additional sealing process like granite required.

Despite all of the quality products that Rome Granite Countertops offers, the feature they take the most pride in is their customer service. “Customer service is our main priority,” says Edwin. “We try to make absolutely sure that if a customer needs something or has questions, we get back to them as quickly as possible. I always do an end of job walkthrough to ensure the customer is completely satisfied.”

“We want to thank all of our customers and suppliers for allowing us to serve their needs,” says Jessy Acosta. “We are here to serve others and not to be served.”

For more information on Rome Granite Countertops, call 706-512-0262 or visit

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