Spring weddings are the best! (But ask me again in the fall.) I love spring. It’s such a happy season – birds are singing, trees are blooming, those winter bulbs have sprung forth with daffodils and tulips. Truly, spring is rebirth of all that seems right and good in the world. Therefore, spring weddings just thrill my heart. Yes there’s the dance of the April Showers but it seems we can play that dance any time of year (if my very rainy fall of 2015 is any indication). So, I thought I would write a story about why spring weddings are so popular but also why I love them so much. But then I realized that I feel the same way about autumn weddings as well, but for different reasons. So, this column will be part one.

I feel I should at least acknowledge the other seasons. After all, my company IS the Season Events! Any season is a good season to have a party. And, truly, I have nothing against a summer wedding. Except the unbearable heat. And the sweating. And the threat of wilting flowers. And I don’t have anything against a winter wedding, except for the threat of freezing rain ruining the plans. But both summer and winter weddings have their merits; I just like spring weddings better.

Here’s why:

The Obvious Metaphor

The spring season is well matched to the philosophy of weddings. A wedding is the beginning of a brand-new family. The symbolism of blooming buds in the spring matches the philosophy of a blooming marriage. Yes, it’s an obvious metaphor, but sometimes that which stares us in the face is too good to ignore. Start your marriage when the Earth is anew, and each year at the same time, you can celebrate your anniversary and start anew as well!


There is absolutely no color that doesn’t match a spring wedding. If you take inspiration from nature, you have bright green grass, blue skies, purple buds on trees, pink tulips, yellow daffodils, white dogwoods and just every flowering branch in bloom imaginable. We’ve seen spring weddings with the bridesmaids all wearing various shades of blues or pinks, which always turns out so beautiful (and no, it’s not any shade of Rose Quartz or Serenity – see January’s column). Something about the array of colors just suits the season, photographs so well, and simply looks bridal. Additionally, colorful patterns can easily be adapted to a spring wedding. I’m waiting for a bride to choose Lilly Pulitzer dresses for her bridesmaids, but until then I am happy to see all those bright, beautiful patterns show up at the rehearsal dinner and the engagement parties. All those amazing patterns are so cheerful. The flower choices are abundant this time of year, and it’s the one season when peonies are not completely out of the question.


Two of my favorite songs at weddings are they hymn “Morning has Broken” or the classical “Spring” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” Both are a perfect match for a spring wedding. While nothing will ever top Trumpet Voluntary (any time of year!), those two songs are just perfect for a spring wedding. These April and May occasions are also just the right time for violins, cellos and woodwind instruments. As a former band geek, the right instruments playing the music can really complement the season and the “feel” in the ceremony.


Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the meal for non-morning people, but hearty enough to hold you until the dinner hour. When a bride mentions wanting a morning wedding with brunch to fol-low, I’m all ears! The spring is the best season for a morning wedding. Cue “Morning has Broken” as the mothers are seated. Early in the day, the temperatures are still cool, the colors outside are vibrant and the heat of the day hasn’t yet caused those common afternoon rainstorms. All of my favorite things are wrapped up in brunch – mimosas, fruit, sweet rolls and crepes! While I’m not always a morning person, how else could a couple get married in the morning and be in Paris by dinner unless they got started a little earlier?

About a year ago, we had a bride use azalea, mango and apricot as her colors (for those who aren’t “color” people – that’s pink, coral and peach). She had a morning wedding, followed by brunch and literally flew to Europe that evening. The weather cooperated; strings played at the ceremony; the sweet rolls were perfect; and a fun, folksy trio played the perfect background music for the festivities. At this moment, that wedding ranks in the top five BEST WEDDINGS EVER in my book! 
I’m ready for a repeat while this glorious season is upon us. Happy spring, everyone! VVV

Holly Lynch is the owner of The Season Events, a full service catering, event planning and design company located at 300 Glenn Milner Blvd. in Rome.

*The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

is the owner of The Season Events, a full-service catering, event planning and design company.