NWGA is a region rich with traditions, outdoor opportunities, arts, events, thriving businesses and most importantly, fascinating people. It is uniquely sandwiched between larger cities, providing convenience to the offerings they hold, while remaining independent and unique.

The communities stand strong alone, but united they all benefit from each other’s gains.

We consider it a privilege to tell those stories.

For 13 years we have produced monthly feature articles and opinion pieces via V3 Magazine, our full-color glossy print publication. We have established a great relationship with our readership and their feedback led to the creation of this website.

We maintain a strong visual and editorial compass that our readers expect, but the demand for more content was something we could not accomplish without the proper digital platform.

Simply put, this website allows us to deliver our print publication in digital form, while offering exclusive content that could not fit within the confines of the magazine. Readers and advertisers alike can enjoy reading the stories about the people, places and events that shape the region on devices of all shapes, sizes and brands.

We are excited about the opportunity to bring them to you.