In the beginning there were three … hence the whole “V3” thing. We wrote the features, took the pictures, sold the ads, took out the trash and dropped copies all over Northwest Georgia in hopes that our publication would stick.

It was a labor of love, and while we learned through trial and error, we promised ourselves we would never compromise the quality of the magazine to save a buck. We wanted to be unique – not a regional version of Southern Living – and so we set out to make a book with that was visually appealing without coloring between the lines, if you will.

While there are so many feature stories that I hold dear, thumbing through a decade of back issues really tells the story of V3 without reading a word. From Kelly Moore to Derek Bell and Brittany Howes to Ellie Borromeo, we have had some of the best photographers and graphic designers I’ve ever known. From the beginning, we wanted use a strong visual appeal to grab people’s attention, and while I think we are still getting better with every issue, there are a lot of gems from the beginning to present day.

So for our 10th anniversary, we would like to share some of our favorite visuals from V3’s past with the promise that we will continue to raise the bar going forward. Enjoy!

What else we’re doing!

V3 Creative encapsulates all professional creative and printing services that we provide to clients, including but not limited to: graphic design, photography, marketing, advertising, public relations and printing. Our graphic capabilities cover anything from logo design

to branding, entire visual identity application, advertising campaigns, web graphics, print materials and more. We craft conceptual and unique solutions to fit the needs of any company. We also offer clients the service of handling all communication with vendors to ensure final quality in both print and web products.