Photos by Cameron Flaisch

For many years some of the old homes surrounding the clock tower in Downtown Rome were filled with various small businesses and private law practices. A handful of these homes are now being renovated to accommodate the current trend for downtown living Between the Rivers.

Roughly two years ago Richard Franklin and his father purchased seven of these properties, beginning with the rusty red house on the corner of East First Street and Fifth Avenue, as well as the homes up Fifth Avenue to East Second Street beneath the Clocktower. Since the Franklins purchased the properties, they have remodeled and repainted several of them from commercial space to residential housing. The transformation of these attractive old homes is a great example of the revival of Downtown Rome living.

Hardy Realty’s Property Management Team manages all of the properties for the Franklins. Speaking with Carol Hatch, who oversees property management for Hardy Realty, you get the impression that these homes are typically scooped up as soon as they become available. “There is a high demand for living on or near Broad Street,” Hatch says. “Oftentimes these places are not even listed for one day before we have someone filling out an application to rent.”

Touring one of the newly remodeled homes on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 2nd Street, it is easy to see why they are so coveted. The view from the porch offers breathtaking vistas of Downtown Rome and beyond, and of course the Clocktower itself looms above on the crest of hill.

Hardy’s Property Management team makes it easy for investors or property owners to generate income from rentals while enjoying the ease of not having to deal with leases, payments or maintenance requests. They also manage commercial buildings including office, warehouse and retail spaces.

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