Photos by Rome City Schools

On a soggy Wednesday morning, over 15,000 listeners of WRGA’s Hometown Headlines Radio Show enjoyed three rays of sunshine as Rome City Schools’ students spoke with John Druckenmiller about their back to school excitement.

Alex Harrison, a rising senior at Rome High, Addie Grace Harrison, rising 8th grader at Rome Middle and Delilah Beaston, rising 4th grader at East Central had the opportunity of taking over the radio airwaves to discuss their feelings on going back to school this Friday, August 3rd.

“Are we all ready for summer to go away and to come back and hit the books for the next nine months?” asked Druckenmiller with a smile. Delilah Beaston enthusiastically broke the silence by answering, “Yes! I am mainly excited to start the new year because I get to make new friends and meet all of my new teachers. East Central also has a chess club and I am excited to get back to that as well,” she said.

When Druckenmiller asked what her most exciting part of summer was, Beaston laughed, “pretty much everything!”

Addie Grace Harrison offered what she was looking forward to most for the upcoming school year. “I am a part of the RMS Grand Illusion, which is the show choir. That was a lot of fun last year, and I am ready to start that again this year,” said Addie Grace. “I am also in the band, so music is a big part of what I do and what I love about school.

“As far as this school year goes,” Addie Grace continued, “I am just going to put everything I have into Grand Illusion, band, any extra-curricular activities and my school work. Last year was great and I expect this year to be great as well.”

Alex Harrison filled the listeners in on how good he feels about being a senior. “I am just ready to enjoy my senior year. I plan on taking a step back, taking everything in and enjoying my last year. I have already started looking at several colleges in Georgia. I want to be a physical therapist and hopefully come back to Rome and help some of our community here,” explained Alex.

Alex is a part of the two-time State Championship football team at Rome High School and is also looking forward to football season with the Wolves as well.

“I have made relationships with my coaches that will last a lifetime. I also have 95 other brothers who I know I can depend on every single day, on the field and in the classroom,” said Alex. “I love the culture at Rome, and I like how everything is shifting positively. From academics, to sports and our art programs, I think we are going to make that next step and be better than we ever have been.”

Druckenmiller continued the show by asking Alex for advice to give to Addie Grace and Delilah, “Don’t blink, because it will go by so fast,” answered Alex. “I kind of played that off, but it is such a true statement. These past three years have went by so quickly and you will be having to make decisions about college before you know it,” said Alex.

The students ended the conversation by talking about the upcoming Soap Game on Thursday, August 2nd at Barron Stadium. “Why bring laundry detergent and powdered Gatorade packets?” asked Druckenmiller.

“Bringing those items helps us a lot! Most people don’t know this, but our coaches wash something for us every single night, whether its practice uniforms or our real uniforms. The powdered Gatorade is what we drink at practices and on Friday nights. It helps to keep us hydrated, so both of these items are very important to us,” Alex explained.

As far as enjoyment of the segment, it was apparent that each of the students had so much fun speaking with Druckenmiller and to the unseen 15,000 listeners. “I like being on radio and I would love to try to be on it again, it was so much fun!” Beaston smiled.