Photos by Rome City Schools

As important as academics, the arts and athletics are at Rome City Schools, the most important thing to the faculty and staff at RCS is its students’ health and their access to quality health care providers.

Now, thanks to Rome City Schools’ partnership with Floyd Corporate Health, the students at Rome High School are served by Floyd school nurse Tiffany Jensen.

With this being the first year that Rome High School has had a full-time school nurse on campus, Jensen is honored to have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to all students in need of extra care during school hours.

“I was here last year as a health care teacher and I loved it so much that I wanted to come back this year as the school nurse,” said Jensen. “I’ve been a nurse for the county before and I was just so pleased that they were getting a nurse here at Rome High because, as a parent, I like to know that there is a professional available when students are in need of medical help during school hours.”

With the rate of growth at Rome High School, Jensen and her team at Floyd saw the need for onsite care. “The kids are great—it’s a great school, and we are just so happy to be here,” said Jensen.

Dr. Eric Holland, Rome High School Principal, said that, “It is very important to have someone on our campus who can care for our kids right away. Any time we have an opportunity to provide great services for our kids and keep them safe, we jump on it. We are very excited to have Ms. Jensen on our team and look forward to a great year with her as our school nurse.”