Photos by Rome City Schools

As the City of Rome gears up to host the 27th Annual 2018 Corky Kell Classic (a highly competitive three-day, nine-game line up of high school football), the citizens of Rome are preparing for a Rome Wolves gridiron battle against the Marietta Blue Devils on Thursday, August 16th.

The Corky Kell Classic game is very important to the City of Rome… so important that Rome Mayor, Jamie Doss, is also preparing to take on Marietta Mayor, Steve Tumlin, in an amusing “Mayor’s Challenge.”

The exchange began when Mayor Doss received a preliminary email from Mayor Tumlin stating:

“As Mayors of two proud and heritage filled Georgia Cities who have Flagship City High Schools with great traditions…a Mayor’s Challenge seems in order as our Marietta Blue Devils are being hosted by the Rome Wolves at Barron Stadium in less than three weeks. A friendly ‘wager’ on this game, which kicks off the school year for both of our schools, would add to the enjoyment of this contest.”

Mayor Tumlin proposed that if the Marietta Blue Devils won the game, Mayor Doss would have to wear an autographed Blue Devil Hat with “The Big Chicken Lapel Pin” attached to the hat. “This would bring extra attention to the support of our schools and a positive interaction between our two great Cities,” said Mayor Tumlin in his letter.

Where Mayor Tumlin looks forward to meeting Mayor Doss in the Hospitality Tent at Barron Stadium in two weeks, Mayor Doss is proposing an even higher stakes wager, as he is more than confident in the Wolves ability to take home the win during the Corky Kell Classic game.

“We are excited to face off with such a formidable opponent as the Blue Devils as this should be a very exciting match up. I have received your challenge, and I would love to make the event even more interesting by accepting your challenge and raising the stakes,” wrote Mayor Doss in his letter to Tumlin. “When the Rome Wolves win the August 16th game against the Marietta Blue Devils, I challenge the Marietta Mayor to not only wear your Rome Wolves apparel, but also give his best and loudest Rome High Wolf howl. If the sky happens to fall and the Marietta Blue Devils win the game, I agree to not only wear your Blue Devil hat and Big Chicken pin, but to also perform the chicken dance in front of the cameras.”

Of course, Mayor Doss is confident since he is backing Rome High, a two-time State Champion football team. He also knows how hungry the Wolves are to start off this third season on the right foot, which supports his decision of raising the stakes for the Mayor’s Challenge.

“When I received that first email from Mayor Tumlin, I knew right away that I was absolutely up to the challenge, no doubt about it. I am very confident that I will not be dancing after the game; however, I will live up to my end of the bargain. But, I am more than sure Mayor Tumlin is going to be howling—so he needs to be practicing!” laughed Mayor Doss.

Not only is Mayor Doss excited about the good, healthy competition between two great teams, he is also excited about the Corky Kell Classic taking place at Barron Stadium. “Not only is the Corky Kell Classic a big tournament in our City, but around the State of Georgia as well. It is a special honor for Rome to host these games as they help to bring a lot of good attention to the City of Rome,” said Mayor Doss. “Rome is becoming a sports venue—not only for football, but for tennis, baseball, track, etc. It is an exciting time to be in Rome!”

“I look forward to serving Mayor Tomlin some humble pie. He is a super nice guy, but I don’t think he realizes what he has got himself into,” Mayor Doss smiled. He ended the wager with this two if Rome’s favorite words…GO WOLVES!

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