Photos by Rome City Schools

On Thursday, September 20, members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority at the Phoenix Learning Center traveled to the North Rome Church of God to drop off donations that will be given to the flood victims of North Carolina through the RomeGaCares Disaster Relief founded by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) is a Sorority who serves as mentors for the Phoenix Learning Center. AKA Mentor and Site Coordinator, Gail Veal, knew that the relief was needed and helped her students come up with ways they could give to the cause.

“Some of our students had mentioned wanting to help the victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, in any way possible, which is how we got the idea to contact the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and RomeGaCares,” explained Veal.

RomeGaCares is a non-profit organization the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office establishes each year in order to help and support hurricane victims around the US.

This year, Sgt. James Womack, along with the rest of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, are taking donations to North Carolina where Hurricane Florence (a category 4 hurricane) recently ripped through and flooded most of the state.

“Basically, we are just taking in donations of water, cleaning supplies, box fans, etc. to the flood and hurricane victims of Hurricane Florence all throughout North Carolina,” explained Sgt. Womack. “We are simply trying to give the victims things to help them get back on their feet and get started again.”

Ann Reinhardt, Administrative Assistant at PLC accompanied Veal and her students during the delivery of supplies to the North Rome Church of God. Several of the volunteered students, or mentees of AKA, who came out to help deliver the donations were Jordani Orellana, Jack Uriostigue, Kamryn Puckett, Ernesia Donaldson and Kalkidan Brumell.

“We are just so happy to help the flood victims in any way that we can. Our students were beyond excited as well, so it was just a great way to give back,” said Veal.

To learn more about RomeGaCares, as well as find ways that you can donate or volunteer in relief efforts, visit: