Photos by Rome City Schools - Parke Wilkinson, Julia Russel, Nebrea Askew and Dr. Christy Epps

As soon as one steps inside the front office at Rome Middle School, it is hard to miss a name displayed on the walls of one stand-out student who continues to give back to her RMS community. Allow us to introduce Nebrea Askew.

Nebrea Askew (now a freshman at Rome High School) is known for her servant’s heart, and she has continued to demonstrate positive behavior during her transition to high school by becoming ninth grade class president, as well as a student ambassador.

Over the summer, Askew was surprised when she was awarded the 2018 Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial “Hometown Hero” Award for the month of June. She received a certificate, along with $100 to donate to a charity of her choice. There was no hesitation. Askew knew exactly who she wanted to gift the money to…Rome Middle School.

Parke Wilkinson, Rome Middle School Principal, was ecstatic to hear that Askew was gifting the money to the students at RMS. They plan on putting the money to work in Rome Middle’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) fund.

“PBIS is our student incentives fund and we are always trying to raise money for this program. We want them to have the opportunity to earn things by exhibiting positive behavior and being ‘RMS’, which is respectful, motivated and safe,” said Wilkinson.

“As a student who attended Rome Middle,” Askew smiled, “you understand that sometimes money is not always available to reward students who could truly use a reward. I know that PBIS really helped some students want to be successful, which is why I am glad that my gift can be used in this way.”

Accompanying Askew and presenting the award was Ms. Julia Russell, Askew’s grandmother. “Nebrea just loves people, and if she can help someone in any way, she will do it,” said Russell.

Dr. Christy Epps, Rome Middle School’s Assistant Principal raved about how much of an honor it was to have Nebrea donate her award to RMS. “Having her here in Rome City Schools is such an honor, because she is such an amazing young lady. For her to give back to us, and to be able to use this to help our students develop the character that is anywhere near Nebrea’s is amazing. We are so thankful for her,” said Dr. Epps.

Mr. Wilkinson agreed with Dr. Epps stating that, “Nebrea is one of the best kids and we are so lucky to have her in the RCS family.”

“I just want to show other students,” Askew said, “that you don’t have to be the best in order to give back and shine in your own way.”