Q1: Which organization(s) are you a part of?

Rome City Commission since 1996
Current Mayor Pro Tem
Chair-Redevelopment Committee
Chair-Kelsy-Aycock –Burrell Center
Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth
Noon Optimist Club
Northwest Georgia Minority Business Association
Life of Jesus in Action Church
Mercy Care of Rome Board
Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce
Northwest Georgia Minority Business Association
Patient Advisory Council-Floyd Medical Center
Rome School Board for 17 years-Current Chair
Life of Jesus in Action Church

"I love the opportunities to help advise someone in a positive manner or help them along their path." - Bill Collins
Q2: What does a typical day look like for you?

BC: My day starts very early. I’m probably at my office (at Collins Auto Clean Up) between six or six-thirty. I love to have my coffee and read my paper to get my day started. Normally one or two of my workers show up around seven o’clock, and we’re getting ready for the day. Then the rest of the workers show up at eight o’clock, and after that I get a chance to answer some of my emails, respond, and look over my schedule for the day. Then I get with my managers when they get there. Once Collins Clean Up and the entities are up and running, I get the chance to attend any appointments I might have.  As the commissioner, I always have something, someone calling. And I love the opportunities to help advise someone in a positive manner or help them along their path. Also I got grand-babies in school. So I do all I can to try to make up for some of that time that I didn’t get a chance to spend with my own kids, because I was growing my business. I hope they forgive me for that. But I do all I can to participate in my grand-babies sports and more and to just enjoy life really. My wife and I have been working together for over 30 years!

FC: Like Bill, my days are always busy! They are varied a bit too, but a typical day for me starts around six in the morning and doesn’t end until after nine at night.

Q3: What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

BC: I love the work I do for the beautification of autos. Most people bring their cars in, and they’re all nasty inside and out. Once we put our assistant on it and turn it back over to them, the smile and gratitude we get just makes us feel like we’re doing something really good. That’s on the work side. The other side has has everything to do with my commissioner work. I don’t look at any differently. I’m in the position to do something positive for the community. And if you impact an individual and help them get over a hurdle, then the smile on their face is even 100 times better!

FC: The most fulfilling part of my week is that just about every organization I’m involved with is all about helping the community in some way. Community is so important to me and to our family.

Q4: What is your favorite memory or story from your volunteer career?

BC: I love opportunities to have my grandson interact and volunteer with me. For the last two years, I’ve taken him with me to one of the biggest fundraisers of the Noon Optimist Club: the pancake breakfast. And to see him with people, training him how to flip hot cakes, for him to be able to interact with grownups and the camaraderie between him and the other folks there is so fulfilling. And that was a fundraiser to help other kids. So I see it as passing the torch.

FC: My favorite memory or story from my volunteer career is also when we took our grandson to the Annual Pancake Breakfast at Noon Optimist. I noticed that he became so involved in what he was doing that he made it a competition! Everyone there was positively impacted by him. But for me, to just have him with me was the greatest memory.

Q5: What would you say to people who say they don’t have time to volunteer?

BC: I would say that’s just an excuse. But once you do it, and you see how passing it on works; then man, you’re going to want to be a part of every opportunity you get. Because you’ll realize the peoples’ lives that you will touch. And I’m telling you, you want to be a part of making this place better. I think volunteering is a slogan we can carry around here in Rome and Floyd County that says “we care.”

FC: What I would say to those people is that whatever I’m involved in I am passionate about, and I love it. So when you’re happy to be involved, the time is no longer an issue. So try volunteering for something you care deeply about!

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