Q1: Which organization(s) are you a part of?

HB: My current involvement includes:

  • Chair of the Open Door Children’s Home
  • Member of the Rome-Floyd Land Bank Authority
  • Founding member and current board member of TRED (Trails for recreation and economic development)
  • Past chair and current board member of the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • And I serve on the Business Development Committee of the Downtown Development AuthorityM 
" I like to say that if you want to get something done, find someone that doesn’t have the time to do it."
Q2: What does a typical day look like for you?

HB: I am somewhat a creature of habit. My days usually follow the same routine: starting with an early morning run, followed by breakfast at Honeymoon Bakery.  Over breakfast, I enjoy reading a few newspapers, engage in lively conversation with my breakfast group, check my work calendar for the day and finish the morning with a walk. I typically have meetings during the day with various groups I am associated with. After an evening walk, I end the day with an hour of reading.

Q3: What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

HB: As a real estate appraiser, the most fulfilling part of my work is being part of the process that allows people to make sound decisions related to what, in many cases, is their largest asset.

Q4: What is your favorite memory or story from your volunteer career?

HB: My favorite story is when I was part of a group of volunteers that transformed the wooded acreage around GE from an off-limits buffer for a manufacturing facility to a recreation area for the community. It was extremely fulfilling to be part of the group that named the walking trail at GE after Bob and Peggy Moore. Bob and Peggy have given countless hours of their time, as well as money, towards trail development in the area.

Q5: What would you say to people who say they don’t have time to volunteer?

HB:  I like to say that if you want to get something done, find someone that doesn’t have the time to do it. The more you have to do, the more efficient you seem to be. In fact, I seem to be the least productive when I have the least to do. Volunteering doesn’t pay well, but it is extremely gratifying to have a positive impact on an individual or a community.

has been a Rome local since graduating from Berry College in 2016 with her B.A. in Communication and Spanish. When she's not writing awesome V3 articles, she fills her time with acting for TV/Film, cooking new vegan recipes, and singing to Shakira while driving in her car.