West End Elementary, Rome, Big Fibbers

Echoes of laughter filled West End Elementary School’s gymnasium as students were tuned in to a short snippet of the Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival on Thursday, March 14.

The 5th Annual Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival is an event that brings the best storytellers in the nation to Rome and draws listeners from all over the Southeast.

This year, renowned storyteller Bil Lepp took the time to visit West End and tell the students a story about his favorite teacher, Mrs. Baird, and how he and a few of his friends were convinced she was Wonder Woman.

Lepp and his friends worked all school year to uncover Mrs. Baird’s true identity, while hitting a few bumps in the road, of course. In the end, while attending a classroom Halloween party, Lepp discovers her true identity as Wonder Woman and ends his semester-long feud with classroom snitch, Alyssa.

During his story, Lepp kept the students involved by giving them cues of when to participate. He even had teachers cracking up at his jokes, getting everyone in the audience involved in his big fib.

Several West End Elementary students also tried their hand at storytelling, as they each took the stage and told their own rendition of an impactful moment in their lives.

Hugo Villeda Juarez had the entire crowd laughing as he told the story of the time he set a bush on fire.

Christian Gonzalez Santana told his story about the time he almost drowned.

Last, but certainly not least, Kaylee Gandy told her story about the time she cut her sisters hair and gave her bangs.

It is no secret that West End has the brightest storytellers, and we are proud to have them in Rome City Schools.

Go Wolves!