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Photos by Rome City Schools

Students at Elm Street Elementary School were treated to a special visitor on Friday, April 5 as Del Martin, children’s book author presented her story, “The Adventures of PhilAnThropy.”

Martin co-wrote this book with Linda Wise McNay and Ailena Parramore.

“The Adventures of PhilAnThropy” is about three children, Phil, An and Thropy, and their quests to help raise money for their friend Ian. Ian is bound to a wheelchair and cannot swim in the community pool without help from a wheelchair lift, which the pool did not have.

After finding ways to raise the money, the three children decide to keep making a difference in their world and create their own Philanthropy Club.

Melanie Arrington, Media Specialist at Elm Street partnered with Jo Orr, a retired Elm Street teacher, to bring Martin to Elm Street and read to students.

Of course, the students were more than excited to meet this very special visitor.

“The kids have been so eager to meet Ms. Martin and hear her read her story aloud,” smiled Arrington. “Having a true published author come in- and they have loved hearing her speak—is a great way to expose them to a career that some of our students may be interested in one day. So being able to see her in person is so surreal for them.”

Hearing this particular story and how it relates to Elm Street’s students and how they give back to the community was one of the reasons Orr wanted to bring Del Martin to Elm Street.

“Our kids participate in multiple philanthropic activities like Sugar Kids, selling slime, making dog treats and building a tiny house for a veteran, etc. Mrs. Orr and Ms. Martin really thought it was special, what our kids are doing and are involved in, so she felt that having Del come in and share her story would be the perfect fit,” explained Arrington.

Elm Street student Ethan Barnes was one of the first students to raise his hand and ask Ms. Martin a question after she finished reading her story to the crowd. “I liked when An came up with the idea to help raise money for Ian to swim,” said Barnes. “My favorite part was when we got to ask questions about writing a book. I like to read.”