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It’s not unusual to dream about your wedding day before it actually arrives. In fact, some people dream about their special day for years, even before receiving that sparkling piece of jewelry that sets things in motion.

The team at Salon Stella & Blu Dry Bar (200 Broad Street, Rome) offers unique and reliable services for brides-to-be who have been planning their bridal look.

Owner of Stella Blu Cosmetics, Tiffany Barnes, takes pride in the ability of Salon Stella stylists and their knack for creating around what ladies desire most.

“One thing I am so very proud of is that we listen and we are always open to doing what our clients want,” Barnes says. “We train our staff to listen and to go the extra mile to make our clients look perfect.”

Barnes always recommends that future clients not wait around after the date is set.

“We always recommend that clients call as soon as they know the date of their event. We book up quickly. Right now, we are already booking well into 2020,” explains Barnes.“Usually, we prefer brides to call the boutique or visit us in person to discuss their appointment. Then, they can ask questions before booking. This gives us the opportunity to work through all the details and allows us to start the beginning stages of the personal touches we like to offer.”

Their stylists recommend scheduling your consultation a couple of months before your event date, as things can and will change during the course of wedding planning.

“We always encourage brides to make use of our trial runs. Trials serve as the perfect chance to show your stylist your dream bridal look, to talk through photos of what you envision, and gives them a chance to get out all of the nerves related to their special day.

“All looks can be recreated,” continues Barnes, “but sometimes, through a trial, the bride may find herself wanting to change small details or change a look all-together. The stylists can help make suggestions according to hair texture, length, thickness, etc. All of these are factors in recreating a look. Our stylists are very knowledgeable in this department.”

Barnes also loves when brides take advantage of their trials and schedule them for days they have a shower, engagement pictures or other events as this gives them a chance to see how their hair and makeup will look in photos. It also gives the bride a chance to see the natural wear and longevity of her chosen style.

Also important, the stylist performing the trial is the same stylist who will perform the duties on your wedding day and notes are recorded to make sure the look can be recreated with the same application and products. According to Barnes, this is done so everyone is sure of what is happening on the day of, to avoid confusion.

“One thing I am very proud of is how organized we are when it comes to time management, scheduling, etc.,” says Barnes. “When we book an event, we make sure to stay in contact with our bride. As the wedding day approaches, we send an email detailing each individual person receiving a service. We see the event through from start to finish.

“Whether it is an in-store or an on-site wedding, we want the bride and her wedding party to trust that everything will work out effortlessly. We always try to keep that in the forefront of our minds, because it makes for a smooth day for the bride and staff,” explains Barnes.

Stella Blu does offer in-store or on-site options for brides when they book their style of choice. However, in order to travel to venues, there is a four-person minimum for both hair and make-up.

They also host a full-service salon with color and cut services where many men and women frequent daily.

“To us, your wedding is not just another event,” Barnes says with a smile. “It’s a huge day in a bride’s life, and we want to make sure they are getting quality time spent on their chosen styles. Being personal with our brides and just truly getting to know them is so important to us.”

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