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IT IS NOT OFTEN THAT a company’s employees give out their personal cell phone numbers to customers, but it is common practice at Cedarstream. This printing company, based in Cedartown, Ga., is all about customer service when it comes to doing business. 

According to Jenny Burch, vice president of sales and marketing at Cedarstream and daughter of the company’s founders, there isn’t a single employee at Cedarstream who has not gone above and beyond for a customer. Every one of the family-owned company’s 77 employees puts in the hours necessary to get a job done when the customer needs it. In the past, they’ve worked nights and weekends, and personally delivered orders to customers. Jenny says that they have even chased down a UPS truck to ensure that an order got out on time. 

Graphic designer Kim Moates was a customer before she started working at Cedarstream, so she can speak to the quality of customer service from both sides. As a customer, she says, she felt like she was working with real people because she could text Cedarstream employees with questions about her order. Now, as a designer, she emphasizes the willingness of everyone in the company to “do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

This excellent customer service is only one in a long list of Cedarstream’s capabilities. The company’s new 40,000 square-foot facility in Cedartown houses 24 embroidery heads, seven automatic screen-printing presses and a brand new direct-to-garment (DTG) machine. 

Burch is excited about the possibilities that this DTG machine opens up; it will allow the company to fill orders for smaller numbers of shirts within the day if necessary. The DTG machine can print a design on a single shirt, which allows a customer to order a specific design directly from the company if they miss out on an event shirt or just need a novelty shirt for a holiday.

The staff at Cedarstream works with their customers through every step of the ordering process. When an order is first placed, customers can expect to be walked through the process of picking the right item for them, whether it be a T-shirt for a family reunion, a banner for grandma’s birthday, a car-wrap for a new business or pens for the office. 28 V3 MAGAZINE JULY 2019 | READV3.COM After the customer picks the product, artists help to develop the design, offering art proofs until the product is exactly what the customer is looking for. To Burch, the high-quality art is yet another aspect of Cedarstream’s business that sets them apart. She says that the designers often work with challenging and complex graphics, but the end result often looks like a photograph printed on the product.

“We have customers who provide us the exact file, and we have customers who draw their ideas on a napkin, and we turn that into what I call a masterpiece,” Burch says. 

All of this is included in the order price of the shirts; Cedarstream believes in being straightforward, with no hidden fees. From design, to printing, to shipping, everything is done in-house. They also offer special services such as rolling, tagging, bagging and folding for clients who need merchandise to go directly on the shelves.

Cedarsteram has active customers in all 50 states and regularly prints shirts for customers such as Guy Harvey, HIS Word Clothing Company, and clients associated with NASCAR and Super Bowl LI. Additionally, Cedarstream serves much of the local community through their Rome and Cedartown locations, and that is something they take great pride in. Founder and owner Jamie Morris is enthusiastic about their increased capability for on-demand printing and oneday service. 

For those looking to work with Cedarstream, quick pricing quotes and other product information are available on their website,