All photos taken by Rome City School's students.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of their school newspapers, Howling at the News and The Warrior Gazette, East Central and West End Elementary School’s fifth and sixth grade students were treated to a few helpful tips from the professionals during a field trip to V3 and the Rome News Tribune.

On Tuesday, September 10, students at East Central departed from Dean Street to learn about the ins and outs of journalism. West End headed towards Broad Street on Thursday, September 12, loaded with questions as well, as both schools prepare to launch the first month of their school newspaper.

While visiting Rome News Tribune, students learned about the history of the newspaper, spanning all the way back to the Civil War when the Union soldiers took over the press to print the Union News. The students were also given the opportunity to see the printing press, where their school’s newspapers would be printed monthly.

Just a quick walk down the street and both groups of students were treated to a gathering at V3, where students were split into groups to tour Studio V3, learn about the different parts of a magazine, and were given the chance to get behind the lens of a camera and take photos of their own.

After both visits, the students enjoyed a lunch break at the Town Green fountains, bursting at the seams with knowledge from the week’s journey. They hope to use the skills they received from both media outlets and put it towards making their own school newspapers more successful.

“We are so grateful for the hospitality that was shown to us from both V3 and Rome News Tribune,” said Kim Wright, a Rome City Schools educator who accompanied the groups. “We are ready to get to work on our school publications and I know the process will be easier because of the things they have learned in the field.”

Go Wolves!