Photos by Rome City Schools

Rome City Schools rolled out the red and gold carpet for members of the Senior Staff from the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA).

Representatives from GSBA visited Rome for their annual training session that will be held at Berry College this year.

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) represents the collective of Georgia’s elected Boards of Education.According to their website, the mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services.

This is the first year the GSBA has traveled to Rome for a training session, and the Wolves were sure to make this visit one to remember.

First on the itinerary was a tour through Rome High School and the site for the new College and Career Academy, led by RHS student ambassadors. After greeting the members of the Board as they exited a new school bus that is part of the system’s Rollin’ with RCS 2020 transportation plan, Valarie Wilson, Executive Director for the Georgia School Boards Association, introduced herself and her colleagues to the Rome City Schools administrators, faculty members and students.

“I really appreciate you all being here tonight. I’m especially excited about meeting the students. My fellow Board members will tell you that I really listen to the voice of our students. They are why we work so hard to provide support for their education,” said Wilson.

“GSBA focuses on helping School Boards across the state to be their very best,” she continued. “It is our job, as their professional association, to provide development opportunities for them like services, advocacy, insurance programs, or any kind of support that our School Boards need to be successful in the delivery of their services.”

Wilson then introduced her senior staff members, who consisted of:

-Tony Arasi, Director of Board Development

-Leigh Crowe, Member Engagement Specialist

-Dr. Samuel King, Director of Superintendent Searches/Training and Curriculum Management

-Julie Rhame, Director of Member Engagement and Board Development Trainer

Alongside visitors from GSBA’s senior staff, members of the Rome City School Board of Education, Rome City Commission, local law enforcement and other community stakeholders were present for the welcoming event.

Rome High’s student ambassadors then talked about the arts, academic and athletic programs that their school offers.

During the tour, ambassadors pointed out student achievements displayed in the hallways, including the recent AP High Five event, Rome High’s graduate vision, and they talked about events like the Red Carpet Roll Out, etc.

Members of the GSBA were then shown the construction site for the College and Career Academy before boarding the bus to tour Rome Middle School.

Once arriving at RMS, visitors were treated to a special performance from the show choir, Grand Illusion. After a tour of the middle school facilities, the GSBA and other visitors traveled to Main Elementary School where they capped off the night with a special dinner.

Elaina Beeman, Rome City Schools Board of Education member, also has the privilege of serving as District Seven Director for the Georgia School Boards Association. “We have never had a District Director from Rome, Georgia; I am the very first one. Through serving as District seven’s  Director, I represent 23 schools at the state level, which is incredible,” said Beeman. “It is also important to note that this is the first time the GSBA has come to Rome, which is also incredible. Our Executive Director and her dream team are here to see the great things we are doing to help Rome City Schools excel. This is overwhelmingly exciting, and we are honored to hosts our distinguished guests. Today is just a great day.”

“Each time the GSBA has these types of trainings, they select a city to attend. This year, it was Rome. This is the first time Rome has ever been asked to host their training session,” explained Buffi Murphy, Professional Learning Specialist for Rome City Schools. “Rome City Schools is very fortunate and honored that we are getting to host the members of GSBA while they are here. We wanted to roll out the red carpet and show them our hospitality because we understand their role of making decisions that impact all of the students in the State of Georgia.”

Louis Byars, Superintendent of Rome City Schools was also very excited to have members of the GSBA visit Rome City Schools. “It is an honor to have the Georgia School Board Association here visiting. We are happy to be able to show them the great things we are doing in Rome City Schools. For them to be able to see and speak with our students is just a great opportunity and we are so thankful.”

Go Wolves!

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