The grass is always greener with ACW Landscaping and design. We speak with Andrew Wardlow to get tips to spruce up your lawn so you can enjoy this summer to the fullest at home and at luxurious ease. 

Underfoot, there is no comparison to a lawn that is manicured and one that is Georgia wild. “A healthy lawn can really be attributed to 3 main components. A solid fertilizing program, appropriate water, and of course weekly maintenance,” says Wardlow. Caring for your lawn makes entertaining all the more enjoyable and inviting. “Fertilizing is the best step toward a greener, healthier yard. A dedicated fertilizing company will analyze your lawn and give you the best recommendations for your needs. Bermuda, fescue, and Zoysia benefit from both preemergent and postemergent applications spread over a six course program during the year. This keeps the weeds away in addition to nourishing your plants, describes Wardlow. 

Here in Georgia we are accustomed to wet weather in the spring, so watering your lawn this time of year is not really importantHowever, in the dryer warmer months it is important to make sure that your lawn gets 1 ½ inches of rain per week. Wardlow recommends simply using a rain gauge to determine how much needs to be offset with irrigation. They can do that for you at ACW, as well as, install any model of irrigation system that best fits your specific needs. 

Lastly, Wardlow details weekly lawn maintenance is a kecomponent to a healthy lawn. “The basic rule of thumb is never to cut more than 1/3 of the growth at a time. This means that if your particular preference for a well-manicured lawn is one that is reminiscent of the putting green, you may need to consider cutting twice a week. 

At ACW, they offer full landscaping services beginning with conception, design, and installation of pools, outdoor kitchen, and masterful landscape. “You can say that we specialize in making outdoor living as pleasurable and easy as possible, Wardlow boasts. You shouldn’t spend your time maintaining your yardYou should be enjoying it. Let ACW do the work for you: 


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