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Planet Fitness Rome works to ensure the comfort and safety of its members every day, and that has only become more true amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Damaris Wilson, general manager of Planet Fitness Rome, says that the fitness center is continuing to keep member safety at the forefront of its operations.

“We want [our members] to have a sanitary environment, we want them to have a clean environment and still be able to create that comfortable and non-intimidating environment as well,” Wilson says. “We’re doing our best to ensure that they’re safe.”

When businesses around the world began to close their doors temporarily in March, Planet Fitness was no different. However, with help from the company’s corporate offices, Wilson and his staff were able to implement the necessary precautions for the gym to reopen on May 15. Wilson says that the most important thing was showing members that Planet Fitness is prioritizing their safety and providing a sanitary environment.

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Damaris Wilson

“It’s a big team. Between our group and Planet Fitness Corporate, a lot of smart people are trying to ensure that we’re doing what’s best for the members,” Wilson says. “Everybody has that same goal, so it’s easy to follow through with those things.”

The plan to provide this safe workout space is thorough: team members have placed signs about social-distancing practices around the workout space, separated or shut down certain machines to ensure a six-foot distance between members, and increased sanitization practices. Sanitation stations for wiping down equipment are available around the club, and the Planet Fitness staff will clean “hot spots” every 20 minutes. Finally, staff will use a hydrostatic disinfectant sprayer to sanitize the entire fitness area twice a day, at opening and overnight.

In addition to increased sanitization and distancing measures, employees at Planet Fitness Rome will wear masks while working. According to the Planet Fitness website, masks are required in all Planet Fitness locations, for employees and members, starting August 1.

Though the pandemic has upended a lot of people’s routines, Wilson says that Planet Fitness Rome has had a steady flow of members coming in since they reopened. He says that he has heard a lot of positive feedback about the safety measures.

“Members seem to understand what our goal is,” he says. “They’re just happy that they can come to a place where their safety is our top priority.”