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“The Armuchee Indians will be tough, dependable, and unselfish. That is all you’re ever gonna hear about us,” he says. 

Last year was not pleasant for the Indians, but it was an exercise in gaining experience. The Indians lost 12 players to injury throughout the year and finished the 2020 season dressing out 29 players for game 10. 

“Everything that could have went wrong last year actually went wrong,” Green says. “I’ve never experienced a season like that in my life. But we are not going to make excuses for last season either. Guys got better and got game experience and we will roll that into this year.”

The Indians will field a strong senior class that has stayed the course throughout Green’s changes at the school. “We have gotten faster, we have some decorated seniors in Devin Cromer and Sylvester Bass, with both being All-Area and or All-Region players in 2019. Most of the seniors have played varsity ball since their sophomore season,” Green says proudly. The Indians will also add a big freshman class from a good 2019 middle school team. 

“We shouldn’t have a lot of issues this year,” Green says. “We are going to continue building a foundation that we want for going forward for our program. We will continue to instill the characteristics that we believe the players need to have and the cultural changes to allow us to lay the concrete for that foundation.” 

“Another thing of note for us this year,” Green says with a sly grin, “is that we are now back in Class A (Public). After years and years of being one of the smallest AA schools in Georgia, and sometimes playing schools with 50% more enrollment than us, the Armuchee Indians are now back on a level playing field with our competition.”

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