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   The Cedartown Bulldogs will begin a new era in 2020 as they have a new head football coach, Jamie Abrams. The Bulldogs will also be competing in a new region, 7-AAAA, due to GHSA reclassification. Abrams, who was last a head coach in 2015 at Lamar County High School, is ready to implement his culture and style of play with the Bulldogs. 

   “We are going to play with relentless effort,” Abrams says. “That is actually our mission statement, To Have Relentless Effort On and Off the Field. And while it has not been a smooth transition due to conditions out of all of our control, we will work relentlessly to get better each day and each week. In doing that, things will take care of themselves.”

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   Abrams says the Bulldogs’ offense will be based on establishing a run game. “We have a system in place, and we are getting them to understand and to buy into the system of establishing a run game and then taking our shots in the passing game whenever they open themselves up,” he says.

     Abrams has big plans for defense, too. “On defense, we will play as hard as we can,” he says. “That entails having relentless pursuit and effort to the football. We will play fundamentally sound and be sound in our strategy. The plan is to will force teams to [long] drive the football and force them to work extremely hard to score. Our defense won’t be giving up any easy scores this season.”

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