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Photos Andy Calvert

It had three teams that have always made their presence felt in the state in Carrollton, Kell and Rome High Schools. Rome even won two state championships in that time span. Realignment has moved those three schools to another class and region. Realignment also brought three more teams that have always made their presence felt in the state: Blessed Trinity, Calhoun and Cartersville High Schools. All of these teams have won at least one state championship in the previous 4 years. 

“We knew the regions would be changing and we kinda got excited about that, but then when we saw that we would be with those three, we were like we just traded three for three,” head coach Tony Plott says. “But it is what it is and we’re gonna get our players ready to compete on Friday nights. The region play will be exciting and will have some really good games. And with all of us being pretty close in location, that’s going to make it all the better, especially if fans are able to pack the stands.”

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As far as the Wildcats’ team, Plott and his staff are confident about this season. “We have a chance to be really good. We have a large senior class, about 21 seniors. They’ve been here for the long haul and they have put the work in. They are great in the weight room, they are great on the field, they are great in the hallways. It’s been a thrill to coach these guys through the years. And the underclassmen are watching and learning.” 

With uncertainties about the 2020 year, Coach Plott thinks a little more of his seniors. “I worry about my seniors a little bit,” he says. “The ones that are here I believe are mentally in a good position, but with everything that has happened this year, there have been some kids that have gotten down in the doom and gloom and decided that playing ball wasn’t for them this year. I honestly worry about those kids.” 

Overall, Plott acknowledges that this is a Woodland Wildcat team that can cause some ripples this season. “These kids are special; this is a good group,” he says. “They are good men. Their character and their spirit will be on display every Friday night and they’ll be doing what they are supposed to do to make the Woodland community proud and represent our school in a positive way.”

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