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When it comes to health, misconceptions can lead to dangerous consequences. The providers, nurses and estheticians of Harbin Clinic Dermatology want to correct common misconceptions about skin health and show their patients the benefits of the many services that Harbin Clinic offers.  

According to Couey and Johnson, the most important step to healthier skin is a basic one: wear sunscreen every day. “If you cannot afford any high-end product from your dermatologist’s office, you at least need to wear your sunscreen daily, and it needs to at least be an SPF of 30,” Couey says. “People just don’t realize how much that sun damage causes you to age.” Johnson adds that staying hydrated is another great way to keep skin healthy, and both Johnson and Couey recommend a Retin-A cream for anti-aging. Though the product must be purchased from a physician’s office, no appointment is necessary. Harbin Clinic Dermatology has even started doing curbside pick-up for these kinds of products.  

Beyond these basic steps to keep skin healthy, Couey and Johnson are well-versed in Harbin Clinic’s many services to keep skin healthy and looking fresh. Couey’s specialties include Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser hair removal. Johnson’s expertise is in laser hair removal, chemical and glycolic peels, and dermaplaning. These procedures can slow the effects of aging on skin, correct discoloration, and keep skin healthy. 

Recent developments in laser technology have made many of these services more accessible and beneficial, Johnson says. Lasers can be used for tightening, hair removal, pigment correction, or to enhance collagen production. A newer sublative laser at Harbin Clinic uses radiofrequency to create tiny micro-punctures in the skin to stimulate new skin cell production. This treatment leaves the skin red for about a week as new skin cells are produced, but after this recovery period, skin is left with improved tightness and texture.  

“In a week, you can go from drab to fabulous,” Johnson says.  

Johnson, who started at Harbin Clinic earlier this year, brought dermaplaning to the office. This treatment scrapes off the top layer of dead skin to improve texture. “It’s real comfortable, no downtime, and it makes your make-up look amazing,” she says. 

Fillers and Botox leave skin tighter and plumper to reduce age-related loss of volume. For Couey, working with these products is an art form. It is important to her to keep patients looking as natural as possible after these procedures. 

“We want our patients to walk out feeling natural, refreshed and positive,” Couey says. 

Because of the recent pandemic, many people have been attempting treatments such as dermaplaning at home. Couey and Johnson want everyone to know that these services should be left to the professionals. “We have to be certified to be able to do what we do,” Couey says. “We have to be trained by all of the companies, and we have to keep up that training.” Johnson agrees, saying that attempting any of these treatments at home is risky. “You don’t know if you’re getting the real product,” she says.   

Harbin Clinic Dermatology offers free consultations, so anyone interested in these procedures can meet with a medical professional to discuss their options. More information is available at:

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