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For Becky Finnell, licensed esthetician and owner of Glo Skin and Body Spa in Rome, spa treatments are about helping people feel as beautiful as they are. At Glo Skin and Body Spa, Becky offers a variety of facials, masks, and other skin treatments, as well as full-body massages. She says that it’s her goal to help people relax and feel good about themselves, especially now. “It’s nice to pamper people, especially this year because everybody’s so stressed out,” she says. 

“It’s been nice to take care of people and help them see their beauty. I know it’s my job, but if I can give anything back to people right now, then I want to do that. If I can even give them an hour of relaxation where they’re not thinking about anything, then that’s incredible.”

In order to help people take better care of themselves and feel better, Becky uses an all-natural line of skincare products in her spa treatments. The brand, called Repechage, uses seaweed in its products, which Becky says are friendly to everybody’s skin. “So far my clients have loved it,” she says. “It’s really made a huge difference in people’s skin.”

becky finnell
Becky Finnell

Glo Skin and Body Spa is located in the Hawthorn Suites, which Becky describes as a beautiful and peaceful space to work – the perfect location to unwind with a spa treatment or massage. A full list of Glo Skin and Body Spa’s available treatments is available on Facebook @gloskinandbodysparome and Instagram @glospa.rome

She also shares discounts on these pages. Becky says that one of the most popular treatments she offers is a classic European facial that deeply cleanses skin and includes a massage to hydrate and purify skin, leaving the recipient feeling cleansed, toned and moisturized.

Becky has been passionate about skincare since she was diagnosed with melanoma at age 20. “I’ve always kind of been a nut about taking care of skin,” she says. It’s the largest organ of your body, so why not take care of your skin?” While studying to be an esthetician at the Health and Style Institute in Kennesaw, Becky began toying with the idea of starting her own business. 

Her husband is in the military, so she wanted to be able to be her own boss in order to make time to visit him. “I decided that in order to put my family first, I really needed to take that leap of faith and open my own business,” Becky explains.

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After graduating esthetician school in August of 2019, Becky started the process of opening Glo Skin and Body Spa. She found her space in the Hawthorn Suites and was almost ready to open when everything shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Becky hasn’t let any obstacles stop her. “I just want to keep trying to stick it out because I love doing this so much,” she says. 

The spa opened officially on June 1, and Becky says business has been a roller coaster since then. Word of her business has traveled through social media and by word of mouth, and she has been playing to her strengths when it comes to marketing. “I’m a people person; I love to talk,” Becky says. “I haven’t been shy about handing out business cards and promoting myself.”

As business picks up, Becky is more and more diligent about keeping her clients safe and making them feel comfortable at her spa. “I just want to pamper them and help them focus on themselves a little bit more,” she says. “I’ll go above and beyond the sanitation measures to help people feel comfortable coming to my spa, and that won’t stop when COVID goes away.” 

She implements a variety of precautions in order to keep her spa clean. She wears a mask while working, takes clients’ temperatures when they arrive, and tries to space out clients so that she has ample time to clean in between treatments. “Even without COVID, there are all these sterilizations and disinfection procedures,” she says. “It takes me about an hour between each client to deep clean.”

Opening a business is no easy feat, and Becky says that the process has taught her a lot about herself. Though she has struggled with her self-esteem in the past, she says that opening the spa has taught her how much she is capable of doing. 

“It’s helped me feel better about myself,” she says. Her goal is to continue her education on skincare and massage therapy in order to grow her business and offer more to her clients. “I’m so new in this game, so I have a lot to learn,” she says. “I’ll never stop learning, though. There’s always something new to learn about skincare and massage therapy.”

Becky’s passion for her clients translates into her scheduling as well. She likes to work around her clients’ schedules, a flexibility that is another perk of owning her own business. “As a new business owner, I am grateful for anyone who walks through that door, she says. “If I need to see someone at 6 or 7 at night, then hey, I’m all about it.”

More information about Glo Skin and Body Spa is available on Facebook and Instagram. Becky wants potential clients to know that if they come to her for treatments, it will be a time dedicated to helping them take care of themselves, relax and feel better. “Meeting new people and getting to take care of them has been a comfort to me,” she says. “It’s blessed my soul so much.”

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