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Winner: Honeymoon Bakery - Photos Andy Calvert

Gingerbread house inspiration

Winner: Honeymoon Bakery

When strategizing on our gingerbread house theme, a global pandemic is usually not part of the discussion. This year certainly has been different, hasn’t it? Our general consensus was that everyone could use a boost of traditional holiday cheer. To recreate something both nostalgic and hilarious would be all-around fun for the whole family and put a smile on everyone’s face. 

While living through months of ups and downs this year, people have experienced different levels of isolation. “Home Alone in 2020” seemed like a perfect way to bring some humor to a challenging year. We may not all have the Wet Bandits trying to break in, but we can certainly identify with missed vacations! 

The theme this year happens to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the movie. “Home Alone” was released in theaters on November 16, 1990, and our house was completed thirty years later, to the day, on November 16, 2020. It has become a classic Christmas movie to be watched over and over again. If you haven’t seen it yet, whether you are home alone or with family, check it out! 

This annual project is a group collaboration here at Honeymoon Bakery and it is donated to the Children’s Wing at Floyd Hospital on Christmas Eve. It is something we look forward to because we know our customers will enjoy it all month, and then it goes on to brighten the day for kids and their families in tough situations during the holiday season.

Earthworks Pottery:

What doesn’t say Christmas like a gingerbread house? Fun, laughter, creativity and family-togetherness, it’s what Christmas is all about.   

As a potter, it just seemed natural for the gingerbread house to be of clay. From there, the challenge was on with creative juices flowing. Then, the idea came to poll our audience for a charity to benefit from auctioning this sweetness off. The Open Door Home was chosen, as the gingerbread house has an open door.  

Now, we’re thinking of a pottery throwdown of gingerbread houses where participants will choose their own charity and auction all the houses off.  Wouldn’t that be cool! Stay tuned!  Visit Earthworks Pottery at:


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Bake and Bloom Bakery:

With this being our first ever gingerbread house, we went with a traditional approach, with some flair. We wanted the house to be unique, stylish and edible, although the highlight of the piece was really the greenhouse, housing Christmas trees. 

We loved creating all of the little details and adding touches of pink. Our bakery has many pink and chic elements, and we wanted our gingerbread design to reflect that. We had a great time creating it and are so excited to display it in the bakery through the holidays! Visit Bake and Bloom at:

Kittie Watts : Black Kat Creations

My mother-in-law had shown me the V3 post about the contest and I thought it would be fun to enter. I didn’t want to do a normal house since most of my clay work involves fantasy. But I also wanted to make it recognizable. The local clocktower seemed to be a good fit.  

I have never made a gingerbread house before unless it was a kit, so it was a new challenge for me to tackle. My husband made the base for me from a fallen tree on our property. He comes in handy for my art projects. I used air-dry terra cotta & white clay, craft moss and rocks to give it a rustic look and feel.


The gingerbread house contest represents Home and Children for the Floyd County CASA (court appointed special advocates) Program. All the children CASA works with are abused and neglected. They are removed from their own home. The Floyd County CASA Program provides trained and supervised volunteers to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children involved in juvenile court proceedings. CASA volunteers advocate for finding the children safe and permanent homes as soon as possible.  

Our little gingerbread house is not fancy and definitely not perfect, but it is what the children we work with need. They don’t need a fancy house or perfect parents. What they need is love and a safe, permanent home.  Support CASA at: