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The Vein Center at Harbin Clinic treats more than superficial varicose veins. Vascular Surgeons Dr. John Kirkland and Dr. Michael Rogers, and Dr. Billy Chacko, Vascular Medicine Physician, team up to deliver a comprehensive approach to patient care which aims to discover and treat the underlying conditions causing venous disease. “We perform surgical interventions for varicose veins, of course, but most importantly we seek the root of the symptoms. Is there a history of blood clots, heart disease, or genetic factors-something in our patient’s system- that puts them at risk? We address that,” says Kirkland. Preventative strategies can save lives.

How do you know if you are suffering from venous disease?

“Most folks are aware if they have spider, reticular, or varicose veins, but the broad range of symptoms: aching, itching, throbbing, swelling, and subtle skin changes are also key indicators of an underlying issue affecting vein health,” says Kirkland. Many people are surprised to hear that vein disorders affect the young and old alike. It is typically an inherited condition that can be exacerbated by pregnancy, injury, and certain lifestyles. “When we have a patient exhibiting symptoms of venous disease, we make sure to take a step back and look at the whole picture. We’re trained to ask ourselves ‘What else could this be?’ and think outside the box,” explains Chacko.

Advancements in endovascular science

For more than fifteen years, the Vein Center has delivered the professional expertise and patient-centric convenience with out-patient surgical interventions. “With medical advancements in the field of vascular medicine, procedures that once required general anesthesia, a four- or five-day hospital stay, and more than a month of at-home recovery can now be performed in the office under local anesthesia in under an hour with patients returning to their regular routines within a day,” says Kirkland. “The implications are astounding,” he continues. “With the use of local versus general anesthesia many patients are eligible for treatment who would otherwise not be considered for these procedures due to age or existing heart conditions. Our minimally invasive techniques save patients’ time and money, and the convenience of returning to work quickly is important to families.” The Vein Center offers sclerotherapy injection, VenaSeal™, microphlebectomy, Veinwave™, and ClosureFast™ procedures in the office, allowing you to get back to living your best life, free from the pain and complications of venous disease.

Dr. John Kirkland
Dr. Billy Chacko

A leader in the field

Harbin Clinic’s Vein Center is a leader in the field of vascular medicine. Dr. Chacko’s expertise in blood analytics and the medicinal implications of venous disease completes the holistic offerings of the Vein Center. “My work is grounded in scientific truths with the goal of delivering the best quality of care in a compassionate way,” says Chacko. Hundreds of physicians have turned to the Vein Center for training and professional development. 

Since 2009, the experts at the Vein Center have offered courses to physicians, training them in revolutionary surgical procedures and best practices that have transformed the field. In parallel, Registered Vascular Technologists from regional and national institutions have received advanced training at Harbin Clinic’s IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) accredited Vascular Lab. 

The Vein Center is an AAAASF accredited Surgery Center, and the Registered Vascular Technology certified professionals perform ultrasonographic testing in all areas arterial and venous, including abdominal, carotid, and cerebrovascular. It is the longest running comprehensive ultra-sound center in the state of Georgia.

While many vein clinic competitors are quick to cosmetically address patient concerns; marketing episodic care and with little commitment for follow-up, the Harbin Clinic Vein Center is dedicated to support long term care for patients. “At the Vein Center, we are committed to finding the best holistic solution to treat and prevent recurrences for our patients with a spectrum of strategies tailored to suit the individual; we treat the person not just the symptoms and can offer the full palette of specialties at Harbin Clinic to optimize their health,” explains Chacko.  

There is a broad spectrum of preventative strategies available to patients struggling with leg pain and swelling. “Vein disease is a lifetime condition- we want to be their primary physicians for vein health. We engage in follow-up visits as well as education. Patients need to know what they can expect in their journey of treatment and healing,” says Kirkland.

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The Vein Center advantage

“An added benefit of having your veins evaluated at the Vein Center at Harbin Clinic is we are a multispecialty group. At a patient’s initial comprehensive evaluation, if we discover more pressing underlying conditions- such as heart failure or kidney failure – our notes and all the tests are available via the Harbin electronic health record to primary care and specialists throughout Harbin Clinic. They have immediate access to all the information. From the very first appointment, the health care team is engaged to solve the problem,” says Chacko.

For more information, visit HarbinClinic.com/veincenter or call 762-235-3760

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Segrest also describes the touching solidarity of the city. “At 7 pm everyone leans out of their windows and cheers, banging pots and pans. They are cheering for the healthcare workers. They are cheering for each other. Then an hour later the city stops. There is a silence for all those we lost.” 

With so much still uncertain in both New York City and Rome Georgia one thing is for certain- Rebecca Segrest is undoubtedly a hero. 

To be continued…..