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When BridgeHouse Cafe opened in February of 2018, it was located in the back section of its current location and enjoyed a thriving and loyal lunch clientele. Following the shutdown in March of 2020, the owners decided to use that period to begin expansion into the entire space. 

Owners, Andrea and Jackie Wallace, who also own Appalachian Grill and Ate Track Bar & Grill, detailed the newly renovated concept’s inspiration and design. 

“We have designed the ‘new’ BridgeHouse Cafe to have an open and fully enabled kitchen, as well as a beautiful full bar, the addition of booth seating, and of course, the signature vintage and funky face art along with classic yet modern style lighting to bring the existing and new spaces together,” says Andrea.

Co-Owner Andrea Wallace

new spaces together,” says Andrea. The expanded kitchen enables the Cafe to offer a broader selection of signature entrees and appetizers, while also keeping customer favorites such as the Ham and Pimiento cheese sandwich. “That’s just something we couldn’t take off our menu,” she says. 

BridgeHouse Café was the winner of the Advocates for Children Christmas Cookie Competition. Their cookie was a Sea Salt Turtle cookie which was chock-full of chocolate chips, caramel, pecans, and pretzels. 

“We took a traditional Turtle concept of chocolate, pecans and caramel and made a loaded cookie with it. The base had the chocolate chips and pecans, a Rolo in the middle for caramel, and pretzels on the outside. Immediately after coming out of the oven, French sea salt was lightly sprinkled on top,” Andrea describes.

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Look for the opening of BridgeHouse Cafe in February. In addition to the expanded physical space, the Cafe will also expand its service into dinner hours. Andrea and Jackie are looking forward to its unveiling, which they hope will make it a diner’s destination.

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