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Like many industries, the floral industry had to adjust their way of doing business during the pandemic, and Bussey’s Florist was no exception. Isolation from loved ones caused many to search for new ways to express their feelings while remaining distant.  

Kim Bussey spoke to how some people used alternate means of showing love. “Flowers are a way of expressing emotions and connecting when you’re not able to physically be there. This has never been more evident than during the pandemic.

We found a lot of people discovering the joy of giving a gift of flowers that hadn’t necessarily thought of that as an option in the past. For us it was gratifying to be able to be there for our customers when they couldn’t be there for each other.” 

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The wedding industry was also drastically impacted by the pandemic as couples were forced to postpone, cancel, or alter plans for their long-awaited day. With the mandatory quarantines and reductions in crowd numbers, many were forced to make changes that they never imagined nor considered.

“The biggest change that we have noticed is people realizing their true priorities during the pandemic. Some of the rescheduled weddings have been much grander, while others have been much simpler. Most importantly, the weddings have captured the personality of each individual couple,” says Bussey. 

One of the most popular wedding flowers for 2021 are peonies. Peonies are well-known perennial flowers native to Asia, Western North America, and Europe. These imperial flowers date back to 1000 BC in the gardens of China and by the eighth century, they had reached Japan who are now major producers of the peony.  

Bussey says that while peonies are the most requested flower for weddings, it is the way Bussey’s uses different combinations, colors, and textures of flowers that is the most important factor in bringing the bride’s visions to life. “We spend a great deal of time consulting with and getting to know our brides,” she says. “As floral artisans it is our job to guide our clients in making decisions to achieve the look they desire.” 

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Bussey says their mission is “bringing beauty into all of life’s moments. This is never truer than with our wedding clients. From our initial planning meeting, through our consultations with brides, to the wedding day itself, our goal is to make it a beautiful experience for all involved.” 

Bussey’s Florist and Gifts, a family-owned flower shop since 1976, has two locations: 7 Central Plaza in Rome, GA and 302 Main Street in Cedartown, GA. Both stores offer luxurious, upscale flowers for all occasions. They provide delivery nationwide and have won many awards for their work.   

Find Bussey’s Florist at busseysflorist.com or call at 706.234.1040 

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