Guest Columnist Karen Lyn Dobson tells of her paranormal experience on a rural southern backroad.

*The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine

Last October, several friends and I attended an event on Mount Alto to see something called the Ancient Crystal Energy Skull, just for fun. These are sacred Cherokee burial grounds, and since my grandmother was Cherokee, this made it interesting to me. On the way there, we all agreed that if this was truly one of the four famous crystal skulls (out of thirteen) found in different parts of the world, it would be very valuable and heavily guarded.

The visit was uneventful, but we met new friends and shared our ideas. There was no security or entourage protecting the skull. Only the Keeper, a woman who believes she communicates with the skull. 

I shared with my friends that I think she believes she has a relationship with the skull just as I and many others have a relationship with Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit/our Creator. As we headed down the mountain, we agreed that the skull was more than likely only glass.

A presence in the dark

After we went our separate ways, I decided to not drive all the way to Coosa, so I headed to my boyfriend’s place in what I call “the Bermuda Triangle” of Silver Creek, Cedartown, and Rockmart. As I turned onto Rockmart Highway, I noticed a pain at the back of my neck; it spread to my head and intensified the closer I got to Donahoo Road. It felt as if something was pressing down from above on my shoulders. 

Halfway down Donahoo, I became so nauseated that I pulled over and parked in the grass about 100 yards from a railroad crossing. I jumped out, leaned against the fence, and was sick. Finally, I stood up and took some deep breaths. Then, I suddenly felt a strong presence; the strongest one I’ve ever felt. At first, I thought it was a horse, a cow, or a human. 

There were no streetlights or house lights visible in any direction. Spooked, I hurried back to my car. When I opened the door, I saw my camera on the passenger’s seat. I grabbed the camera, hit the flash, and began snapping pictures in a counterclockwise sweep. 

Although I did not see anything that night, I did feel something. I knew it was there. Something was trying to connect with me, and I was taught from childhood we are not to connect with anything other than our Creator. My life experiences have made me fearless. I rely on what my mother’s mother taught me about spiritual warfare, so I said aloud, “Get behind me in the name of Jesus Christ, you have no authority here!” I slammed my door, cranked the car, and headed over the tracks. 

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Evidence of the unseen

The next day, I uploaded my SD card to my computer and scrolled through my photos to share on Facebook. I could not believe my eyes! Confirmation, proof, evidence caught on film! What my eyes could not see my camera did. A crystal clear, undeniable, smokey apparition had formed right in front of me. 

There had no smoke anywhere that night, I do not smoke or vape and the only things visible were the small crescent moon over the tracks and a green light. I sent the photos to my friends from the night before and asked them to keep them in strict confidence. 

At that time, one of the girls told me she had a book about hauntings on Reeceburg Road, Haunted Northwest Georgia: The Legend of the Ghost Hearse and Other Spooky Tales written by Beth Youngblood. As I read the book, I had no doubt that these stories were true, being confirmed by my photo evidence.

My spiritual background teaches we are all spirits in flesh bodies, just as Jesus was a spirit born through Mary in the flesh. We walk among good and bad unseen spirits. Just as Holy Spirit is the intercessor between man and God, He interceded that night for me. 

Perhaps something followed me home that night from Mount Alto: a Cherokee ancestor from the land or some sort of magnetic energy field. Maybe I was vulnerable, wide open so something tried to communicate with me. Maybe it was one of my guardian angels protecting me. Who knows? I do not question these things; I simply trust in myself and my Creator.