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Q: Twenty-five years in business is an amazing accomplishment. How does it feel to celebrate this milestone?

A: Amazing! It’s hard to believe that at twenty-nine and thirty-four years old we started this venture, and we blinked… here we are twenty-five years later still loving what we do!


Q: When you both decided to start this business what were your initial goals, and did you ever imagine it would have this kind of sustained success?

A: We were learning so much at the beginning, and at times it was a challenge to keep the doors open while facing recessions and other obstacles that any small businesses faced. Owning our own real estate property was a goal that we’re proud to say came to fruition.

Q: You two are amazing, but I know there have been some significant people who have helped make twenty-five years possible. Let’s name names!

A: Many significant PEOPLE! Too many to name! Many have been with us since day one in 1997, and through the years we have created many friends near and far with our clientele.



Q: How have trends changed over the years and what do you do to keep up with the times and keep your customers coming back for more?

A: Trends are always evolving, and we’ve been in business long enough to see some trends come back around! Research, markets, and social media all play a part in keeping fashion fresh and current here at mel&mimi. Our birthday celebration always introduces our customers to the beginning of the best fall has to offer and brings excitement to a new season!

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Q: Twenty-five years calls for a party…how is mel&mimi going to celebrate?

A: GOLDEN! Our theme for celebrating twenty-five iconic years of style at mel&mimi is a two-day PARTY! Glamorous Wednesday Night from four till eight and You’re So Golden on Thursday from ten till six. SAVE fifteen percent off storewide other days! We invite you to share in the festivities both days at 203 East 8th Street, Rome, Georgia.

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