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What are the roots of the Imagine Music Festival? 

Maddy: It always was an idea that lived in the back of our minds. You can be limited when you produce and promote events- first in spaces you do not own and control. You want to transform the space and people’s experiences, but the ideas are often more significant than what you are allowed to do. Imagine is the manifestation of all those ideas, which continue to grow yearly. 


What sets Imagine apart from other festival experiences? 

Maddy: We want Imagine to be an immersive experience, from the moment they enter the gates to the experiences throughout, and a lineup that rivals some of the biggest festivals globally. Because our venue at Kingston Downs is a destination, Imagine strives to give fans a platform to express themselves and forget about the outside world for a minute- all within our aquatic fairytale. 

Many in the EDM community are raving about the lineup your team has assembled. Tell our readers how it came together and what makes it so special? 

Glenn: We did our best to bring back as many artists as possible from the years we had to navigate the COVID and Mother Nature curve balls. That being said, music and artists are constantly evolving, so we needed to keep pace with the current climate of electronic dance music. This is our best lineup yet, which is saying a lot for us. 


I know it’s not all about the music; this is an immersive artistic experience. Without giving away any surprises, how do you go about creating that environment for your audience? 

Maddy: We draw inspiration from all over. The original poster art was inspired by an artist we came across while on vacation and built from there. Each year that we create Imagine, we think about what we would want to experience if we were attending as fans. If it is not good enough for us, it will not stand up to our fans’ high standards. 

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Obviously the new location is going to impact that experience. How did you find Kingston Downs, and what makes it the perfect location for the event? 

Glenn: We have had two years to fine-tune everything that Imagine is about, including the infrastructure. The decision was made early on to find a home that could provide the picturesque setting we have always envisioned for Imagine, but also with the infrastructure that would leave little to chance. Kingston Downs will blow people away with its natural beauty and the experience we build within it. 


What options do ticket holders have for accommodations and how do they go about booking what best fits their needs? 

Maddy: We pretty much have any possible scenario covered, depending on your preference. In addition to hotels and car camping with friends, we have RV rentals with Skyview options of the festival grounds, RV camping with and without power hookups, Qube tents that are set up and waiting for you- A/C rentals available, and even group-themed camping for up to 10 people. There are even more options you can do in bigger groups, so explore 

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Describe a day on the concert grounds…what options await ticket holders as they navigate the concert grounds from sunrise to sunset and potentially another sunrise? 

Maddy: We like to leave that to the fans to decide. We have incredible workshops in The Imaginarium, which will host transformational workshops, including Learn Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Permaculture, Aerial Arts, Flow Arts, Mastery of Life, Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Consciousness, and Mindfulness Art. Additionally, there will be activations throughout the festival grounds, including rogue sets in the campgrounds. And, of course, the stages loaded up with our massive lineup. We are just excited to be together for the first time at this fantastic venue. 

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Now about that pool party…give us the scoop? 

Glenn: I always get most excited about the pool parties. This year the Aqua Day Club Pool Parties will feature Kaskade for his second set of the festival, Adventure Club, and a special “floaty and euphoric” poolside house set by Bonnie X Clyde Presents: Tears in Paradise. 


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

Maddy & Glenn: We cannot wait to see you out there! 


For more information and ticket sales, visit

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