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For some, significant childhood experiences lay the groundwork for their eventual careers. That is true of Dr. Lacey Johnson of Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Adairsville. “I knew I wanted to be a doctor from about the age of six,” she says. “I had a sister who had a chronic illness, and I spent a lot of time with her in doctors’ offices and hospitals, so from a young age I just always knew that I wanted to be a doctor.” 

As someone who grew up around these circumstances, Dr. Johnson has a heart for families who spend many hours at various medical facilities. She understands what they’re going through. Those early life events still inspire her to communicate in an open, caring, personal way with her patients and their families so they can understand all they need to know about the medical challenges they face.  

A heart for family medicine 

Dr. Johnson received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her Residency in Family Medicine at Floyd Family Medicine Residency at Floyd Medical Center. 

Dr. Johnson’s previous experiences also played a role in her decision to practice family medicine. For instance, during her rounds in medical school, she enjoyed women’s health and pediatrics, and yet she also thrived working with the elderly and in surgery. Ultimately, she concluded that it would be a privilege to oversee a patient’s healthcare journey with a comprehensive approach. She wanted to walk with each patient, helping them understand their needs in each stage of life. 

Family medicine allowed her to practice all the different elements of medicine she enjoys. “My favorite part of family medicine, by far,” Dr. Johnson says, “is the variety of patients and conditions they face. One minute I’m in the room with a twenty-three-year-old patient, and the next minute I’m in the room with a ninety-three-year-old patient.” 

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A time for a change 

Dr. Johnson’s move to Harbin Clinic was influenced by her respect for the advice of a colleague. She says, “I wanted to practice in Adairsville because one of the former residents at Floyd Family Medicine Residency, Dr. Garvin Chandler, was at Adairsville and said good things about it. It just felt like a really good fit for me. I think Harbin Clinic is so special and unique because of the variety of specialties that can be provided under one group.”   

On Dr. Chandler’s part, the admiration is mutual. He says, “We’re thrilled Dr. Johnson joined our team. Her addition allows us to continue providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the Adairsville community.”  

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Dr. Lacey Johnson

A call to mind and body 

Alongside thorough medical training, Dr. Johnson brings additional knowledge and experience, including a Master’s in counseling and psychology. Her background in psychology has had a significant impact on the way she cares for patients. Much of her philosophy draws on the importance of taking a comprehensive view of patients. 

She quickly found that one’s health is affected by medicinal treatments and, more importantly, the impacts of social life and psychological status on a person’s overall health. It’s a whole-person mind-body approach to meeting the patient’s needs. Dr. Johnson believes that when patients understand the “why,” they are more likely to ask good questions and fully commit to their health plan. This all-inclusive method is a priority in how Dr. Johnson cares for and comforts her patients. 

As Dr. Johnson begins to help her new patients think about their healthcare journey, she starts by listening. Her goal is to get a strong understanding of what a patient already knows about his or her circumstances and what a patient wants help with. She cares deeply about how her patients feel about medication, exercise, and more, as well as what specific actions they can take together to make care and intervention as successful as possible.  

The honor of service 

 Dr. Johnson counts it as a great honor to care for patients who are looking for a physician dedicated to their healthcare, which is what Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Adairsville is dedicated to. “It’s an extremely satisfying feeling when I can help a patient solve a problem,” she says. “I want my patients to feel heard. Help them understand their medication list. Help them understand their illness. By doing that, they know I’m going to be very honest with them about their healthcare and that I want them to understand their healthcare so they can take ownership.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

To schedule an appointment, visit Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Adairsville. 

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