Hardy Realty Property Management Team manages residential commercial and industrial properties improving the owner tenant relationship

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With 192 years of combined experience, the Property Management team at Hardy Realty offers a plethora of services that make the lives of both a property owner and tenant easier than ever. “A lot of property owners don’t realize what a relief it is until we begin to work for them,” said Carol Hatch, Certified Property Manager CPM®, Senior Vice President and Associate Broker.

Hatch and the property management team are an essential part of making this business of property ownership a success. “We take the day-to-day headaches of managing a property away,” said Hatch. 

This hard-working property management team specializes in managing residential, commercial, and industrial properties and comes with the knowledge of what needs to be done and the best way to do it so that the owner/tenant relationship is an enjoyable one. They begin by finding a qualified tenant, structuring the lease, and ultimately managing that lease.

“Managing a lease is anything from handling questions that come up with renting, to handling maintenance on the property,” said Hatch. “And once a tenant has stayed as long as they are going to stay, we repeat that process again.” They help alleviate the stress of wondering if the rent has been paid and the property is being maintained.

Property owners have access to a private online portal anytime and are provided monthly statement of all business pertaining to their property. At the end of the year, property owners receive a complete package of information to take to their accountant for tax purposes.  

You could say the Hardy Property Managers are the customer service of a property owner’s small business, but they are much more than that. They are not only the face of the operation but do a lot of behind the scenes work as well. Perhaps the most impressive is their 24-hour availability for property maintenance.

“Having maintenance staff available, not only during the day, but after hours is imperative,” said Ann Smith, Certified Property Manager CPM®, Property Manager and Realtor. “If there is an after hours emergency, we are able to respond quickly. Our vendors are very responsive in making sure the tenants are taken care of.” 

Great strides have been made over the last few years, even through Covid concerns. Hardy was quick to respond with options that made it easier for clients and renters to conduct business. In addition to implementing many seamless online services, Hardy invested in a resource called Key Cafe.

The Key Cafe is a set of boxes on the front of the building which can be opened by a cell phone using an assigned access code. This allows potential renters to access keys to tour properties without having to go into the office. 

“Potential renters can go online and find properties that they are interested in,” said Smith. “After a quick verification process, they are then given a code to be used at the Key Cafe and the door opens.” This seamless process allows potential renters the opportunity to view a property, or multiple properties, on their own time before making a final decision. “Once someone has looked at the property and they find one they like, they can apply for residency online through our website,” said Smith. “Credit is checked and references are verified to ensure the property owner is getting the most qualified tenant.” All steps of the application process can be done online and once the application is complete, the team is able to provide an answer on approval within 48 hours, in most cases.

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Once approved, all personal information that was collected during the application process is converted and becomes a lease that is sent electronically. “Once a potential renter is converted to a tenant, they receive their keys and can log into their portal to make their rent payments,” said Hatch. The portal is an efficient way to take care of business online and is even set up to send out reminders when rent is due, making it easy to stay on track.

These technologies free up staff to work more intentionally with their tenants and property owners. All of this simplicity provides the property owner with the option to be as hands-off or as hands-on as they would like to be. 

Even though the property management team manages 1400 residential and commercial doors monthly, they strive to make sure each of their clients feel the welcoming care that they have come to be known for in the community. The entire team works to ensure that every person they work with feels like a valued individual. “Being behind the scenes and seeing the lives of the people impacted is very special,” said Hatch. 

For additional information, contact Hardy Realty at 706-291-4321. 

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