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Water is life. It is essential for the proper functioning of every organ and system in the human body. It works inside and out, keeping the skin supple and lubricating muscles and joints. A dehydrated body is an inefficient one, like a car growling and pinging down the road while low on oil. And no wonder; the human body consists of somewhere between 60% to 70% water. 

So, for the most part, we are water. Add a depletion of such things as amino acids, electrolytes, vital minerals, and vitamins to an already-dehydrated person, and you have an unhealthy—and unhappy—individual. That condition is a daily reality for a great many people.  

For the people of Rome, Georgia, however, help has arrived with a new business in town: wHydrate. The owners of Rome’s wHydrate, Christian Seaverns, Doug Shows, and Keith Ozment (owner of Spartan Smoothies), are on a mission to help the people of Northwest Georgia feel better and live healthier, more energetic lives through a wide range of infusions, injections, and other services.  

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Why wHydrate? 

Rome’s wHydrate (located at 315 Riverside Pkwy NE, suite 190) provides a safe, relaxing way for customers to receive drip IV therapy. This treatment uses an intravenous drip to infuse amino acids, minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the body, providing immediate positive results. Through its IV therapy, wHydrate offers a wide array of health benefits to its customers. 

Here are just a few of the vitamins and minerals offered. B12 benefits a person’s energy level, mood, memory, and digestion. B9 aids in brain function, and heart health, and helps build muscle energy. Biotin improves hair, skin, nails, and metabolism. Zinc supports immune function, blood clotting, and wound healing; it also helps increase metabolism. Customers can receive infusions that are designed to give combined benefits. For instance, a blend of B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 helps convert food to energy. A blend of copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc offers support for natural levels of energy, cellular protection, and rejuvenation.  

Customers at wHydrate can also choose from a menu of health-fortifying injections. The triple immune boost injection consists of glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C to strengthen immunity. Zofran is an antiemetic medication that calms the stomach by reducing nausea and vomiting. Toradol is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that reduces pain and inflammation.  

A full list of available infusions and injections can be found on wHydrate’s website whydrate.com/locations/iv-therapy-rome-ga/

Founding friendships 

Christian Seaverns was the original force behind wHydrate, founding the corporation himself. Two important events (among others) helped set the stage for the vision wHydrate would come to champion. One was Seaverns time in the Marine Corps, where he saw how the use of IV hydration helped military personnel stay healthy, heal faster and feel better. The second came from when his mother was fatally ill, and he saw what great help and comfort she received from various IV medicines and products.  

When asked why he and his business associates chose to open a wHydrate location in Rome, Seaverns says, “Well, I came up as a military brat but settled into a very similar town—Cartersville—to attend middle school and high school.  All the things I loved about a small town growing up and also seeing the Cartersville wHydrate thriving told me that our service was something everyone needed.  I saw similarities in Rome as well, great community, close community, and with the addition of wonderful partners that were Rome natives. It was a no-brainer!  Having a strong medical economy was also a big add.” 

About wHydrate’s relationship with the sports community, Seaverns says, “Athletics is one of the important demographics of our customer base, and a great one.  We currently support college athletes, professional athletes, and other customers that are proactive in their own athletic goals such as tennis, marathons, triathlons, boxing, and wrestling. We have customized our infusions to meet the needs of all customers.  The Olympian is a great package for the Athlete, as it aids in the recovery process. We have specific vitamins, minerals, and medications which also align with what an athlete may seek.”   

Madison Seaverns, wHydrate’s chief nursing officer, is a nurse with a background in pediatrics and several other areas in the medical field. She says, “Our clients are the best. Placing IVs while they tell you about their life and the experience with healthcare is so rewarding because you get to build those relationships and promote health and wellness.” She explains that their clients see increased energy, a strong immune system, and easier recovery from sickness. She says, “Repeat customers look forward to taking forty-five minutes to an hour for themselves, watching their favorite show, receiving fantastic service, and then seeing great results.” 

The business locations outside of Rome are all franchises, such as the ones in Chattanooga, numerous locations in and around Atlanta, and even in Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. However, the Rome wHydrate is not a franchise but is owned under the partnership of Seaverns, Shows, and Ozment. “I’ve known Keith Ozment since he was in high school,” says Shows. “We’ve worked together in different capacities in the past. We were able to work with Christian to bring wHydrate to Rome. There was already one in Cartersville, and Keith and I thought Rome would be a great place for another.” The three business partners saw that Rome, having numerous hospitals, colleges, and health clubs, possessed the ideal demographics to make the business a success. “It was the perfect storm,” says Shows, “so we brought wHydrate here.”  

Seaverns, Shows, and Ozment are not only committed businessmen, but they are also deeply dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. They’re active men, with many interests. Shows, for instance, enjoys his role as a college basketball referee (at the time of the phone interview for this article, he was in a downtown Chicago hotel room, waiting to officiate at a game— “It’s my avocation,” he says, “It’s a lot of fun.”). These business partners are motivated, in part, by a strong desire to help people, and improve people’s lives. “We all share the same philosophy of helping people out,” Shows says, so we’re here in Rome encouraging people to stay fit and take care of themselves.”  

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What to expect 

Being hooked up to an IV drip is something most people think of as something that only happens at a hospital or an Urgent Care facility. A setting like wHydrate may be a novelty for many, but there’s no need for customers to feel apprehensive. The caring professionals who do the IVs and administer the injections are fully trained nurses or paramedics. As Shows puts it: “They all have experience working in hospitals or the ambulance services.” Also, wHydrate is equipped with all the things they need to deal with any emergency that may occur. Shows says, “We have all the emergency equipment we might need in the facility, like AED defibrillators. Things like that.” He goes on to explain, “Actually, we are classified as a medical spa.”  

The idea of using IV solutions to deal with dehydration, fatigue, and depletion of vital minerals and vitamins may be new to a lot of people. In the past, they may have self-medicated or tried drinking more water and getting more sleep, but it hasn’t seemed to help much. The helpful, compassionate staff at wHydrate puts the customer at ease, knowing that first-time visitors may be curious yet nervous.  

Perspective customers can book an appointment online, call ahead, or even just walk in. When they arrive for the first time they will talk with the manager about their needs and concerns. Customers sit down with a nurse for a medical background survey to make sure there are not any problem issues, like allergies, or special doctor’s orders. Their blood pressure, oxygen levels, and pulse will be checked. They will discuss their personal health goals and any symptoms they might be having. If everything checks out, and the customer proves to be healthy, then the process begins. Shows says, “Our manager will show them the full menu of what wHydrate offers and a nurse will put together a bag of fluids based on the components the customer needs.” 

“The injections and infusions are done in a nice, comfortable room with a good recliner,” Shows says. The private lounges have TVs, Wi-Fi, and cozy blankets. Shows adds, “It can take thirty to forty-five minutes for the actual infusion, so a first-time customer may spend about an hour or so with us.” 

According to wHydrate’s website, “The health benefits take effect as soon as your treatment begins, making IV therapy the fastest and most effective way to get immediate relief from dehydration, migraines, nausea, cold and flu symptoms, heartburn, hangovers, fatigue, menstrual/hormone imbalances, stress symptoms, and more!” 

The perks of membership  

Customers can purchase one of six membership plans at wHydrate. Customers do not have to become members of wHydrate to enjoy its services, but if they’re going to be regular customers, it makes good financial sense to join. Members enjoy discounted prices, free oxygen, two free infusions (one when the customer signs up and one during their birthday month), buy two, get one free add-ons, and access to members-only specials. Also, military personnel and veterans receive one free add-on or a free injection with every infusion. 

Shows says, “One great reason to become a member is it allows you to use any wHydrate facility throughout the Southeast. That’s good for when you’re traveling for business or you’re on vacation.” 

Another way to save money at wHydrate is by taking advantage of the wHyBucks Discount Plan. This is wHydrate’s form of currency. Each wHyBuck equals one dollar of store credit and can be applied to all products and services. The higher membership tier customers choose, the more discounted wHyBucks they earn. They may also reload these at any time and share them with immediate family at no extra cost.  

One of wHydrate’s great incentives is its regular series of specials. Weekly specials. Monthly specials. Seasonal specials. Holiday gift baskets. Some of these special offers are for the general public and others are reserved for members. Also, members receive regular emails and texts letting them know of upcoming promotions and discounts.   

Hydration for everyone 

“We see a full spectrum of folks,” says Shows. “We have everyone from post-operation to athletes to the general population who just want to take care of themselves on the health side. We have customers from eighteen-year-olds to eighty-five-year-olds.” Shows explains that many of their regular customers come in anywhere from two to three times per month. Some only come in once per month, depending on their personal needs and preferences. “Everybody’s different,” says Shows. “We have customers who are athletes performing at the highest levels and others who have recently recovered from the flu and just want to feel better.”  

Seaverns, Shows, and Ozment are pleased with the reception wHydrate has had in Rome and Floyd County, and they’re working hard to capitalize on that success. They want to continue to expand the business. Seaverns has built a strong support structure at the company’s corporate headquarters in Kennesaw. Shows says, “We enjoy building strong relationships in the medical, fitness, and educational communities here in Rome and throughout Northwest Georgia. We already have strong connections in the local community, and we look forward to enhancing those while helping people live healthier lives. Our customers are excited about the way they feel and for what wHydrate has done for them.”  

Seaverns says, “We hope to be a business that provides value to all of Georgia.  We have a new location in North Georgia opening in Jasper soon and hope to stay the leading IV company in Georgia.  We can’t do it without educated proactive customers, a top-tier medical staff, and the hard work of every wHydrate employee.”   

For more information call 706-550-1850 or visit www.whydrate.com