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Amerigroup NWGA Roundtable

On a beautiful April afternoon, the Amerigroup marketing team gathered in the Etowah Room of the Courtyard Marriot in Downtown Rome to host their first in-person roundtable in three years. With the sun beaming through the windows and with a view of the river, the team greeted guests warmly as they arrived. 

Smiling, local healthcare workers and community outreach representatives filed in. They were excited to hear about all the healthcare coverage and extended benefits which Amerigroup has provided Georgians for over 17 years.  

With this being the first time since 2019 they had seen their community partners, the mood in the room was jovial as everyone shared a meal and prepared for the presentation. Amerigroup had continued its dedication to serving Georgia families during the pandemic, of course, meeting ever-growing needs during a time when so many needed help. But as normalcy has returned, change has come with it, and they are striving to keep people informed.

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Maintain Your Health Coverage

With the pandemic’s public health emergency coming to an end, Georgians who rely on Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids will now be required to update their information to maintain coverage and complete a redetermination process. Amerigroup is trying to make that as easy as possible, via their Ready. Set. Renew. Initiative. 

They have created the website where members can learn about the entire renewal process.

As easy as that may be for some, they understand it can be a difficult process, so they have provided a help hotline and informative printed flyers. At the roundtable, they spoke to individuals who could help spread the word to those who need to know, as they serve them locally.

Also, they covered the wide variety of vital and impressive services and events Amerigroup provides in Northwest Georgia.

Amerigroup Marketing Team

Core Areas of Health

“We are a CMO for those in Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids and we have the sole contract for children in foster care for those services in the state of Georgia,” says Amerigroup Marketing Director Maria Henriquez. “We cover all the standard medical services and coverage along with our value-added benefits for adults and children that incentivize health and wellness. For the kids, that includes benefits such as the fees for the Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts and much more.”

When it comes to the coverage provided, the focus is on the three foundations of health and wellness: physical, dental, and behavioral health. The roots of those three core areas of coverage spread wide through a variety of programs, events, and support. 

“We couldn’t do what we do without our community partners, so they are a huge part of who we are,” says Henriquez. “Today is all about them and our appreciation for all that they do. We want them to be informed so they can help us serve our members, and together we can impact the communities we serve in a positive way.”

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Supporting Community Partners

From diaper day giveaways to community garden projects, Amerigroup takes a hands-on approach when it comes to serving their members, going above and beyond to make sure they understand how to get the most out of their benefits.

They also go above and beyond to support the community partners that support them, closing the roundtable with a community spotlight portion of the program. That gave the floor over to the director of Anti-Hunger for the NWGA Hunger Ministries, Lindsey Fisher-Kilby. NWGA Hunger Ministries is a non-profit that helps feed families in need by providing an in-person shopping experience that allows families to select the foods that meet their dietary wants and needs, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

At the conclusion of their presentation, a $500 check was issued to the organization from Amerigroup, one of the many donations made locally throughout the calendar year.

The energy was high as the event came to an end and old friends said their farewells. They left feeling prepared, appreciated, and motivated to help those in need.

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“We have missed having the opportunity to meet with our community partners face-to-face,” says Henriquez. “We really feel privileged to provide our members with the care they need. The more informed they are, the better we can serve them and the communities they live in.”

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