Cinco De Mayo…on a Friday

The 5th day of May brings with it an aura of celebration…when it lands on a Friday, all bets are off. 2023 also brought with it a full moon and a pending lunar eclipse elevating that Cinco De Mayo vibe to another stratosphere, which is just what the team at Las Palmas Riverside is accustomed to delivering every year. Las Palmas offers a vibrant atmosphere on any night of the week, but Friday night was “next level” to say the least.

You could feel the bass from the other side of the parking lot, as the live DJ set the tone for the event. Life-size donkey statues greeted guests as they checked in, free balloons were waiting to be snatched up by the kids in attendance, banners and flags added a pop of color, and the big tent extended the party to the parking lot for what was sure to be a memorable night.

A local tradition

Las Palmas is a staple in Rome, with the riverside location opening in July of 2008. They first put up the big tent for Cinco De Mayo in 2010 and other than 2020 have pulled off the party of the holiday every year since.

“It all started when Managing Partner, Edguard Santos decided he wanted to throw a big party to make the most of the holiday,” said Las Palmas Marketing Director, Glenn Bowman. “Before that Cinco De Mayo, at least locally, was a day people would go out to eat and enjoy a few drinks and then take the party back to their homes. Edguard wanted to extend the celebration and create a special atmosphere.”

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A family friendly event

While bedtime arrives a little earlier for minors, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good party. In fact, for the earlier part of the evening it was the kids that dominated the dance floor. Offering a family friendly environment was a focus of the team at Las Palmas and it showed from the dance floor to the giveaways, one such prize being an oversized bear that had the kids, and some adults on edge for the drawing.

It’s not a party without the food and beverages

While Las Palmas always delivers the good eats and drinks, it wouldn’t be much of a Cinco De Mayo celebration without them. And with the influx of extra customers that comes with a party of this magnitude, that’s where the planning and dedication of the entire Las Palmas team shined on Friday night. Wait times were minimal, food was quick to the tables and while the bars were mobbed, it was hard to find a hand without a frosty beverage in it.

“We ask so much of our team and every year they work so hard to make this event a success,” says Bowman. “We always create a t-shirt for this event, and you will see them wearing it throughout the year. We couldn’t pull this off without them.”

Customer experience is the top priority for the team at Las Palmas so watching their patrons exit with a smile on their faces is always the goal.

“If a customer left saying that they had the best time they’ve had in a while, that would let me know that our hard work has paid off,” says Bowman. “Providing our patrons with an engaging and fun experience is why we do what we do.”

What the customers had to say

“I like the music and food. My favorite thing to eat are the chips and tacos with beef and lettuce.”

-Hayden Kerns

“We drove by and saw it last year and we weren’t going to miss it this year.” 

-Emerius Ludy

“I love the atmosphere. It really feels like a club and it’s just a great all-around party.”

 -Jessica Millhollan