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Long after the music stops and the guests go home, a couple is left hand-in-hand with a beautiful reminder of the day’s purpose, well represented by rings that will forever adorn their fingers. Wedding rings represent a lifelong and unbreakable bond between two people. This vision of forever is well understood by Greene’s Jewelers of Rome, Georgia, whose goal is to make sure their clients walk away with exactly what they envisioned. 

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Greene’s Jewelers was started by P.H. Greene, Sr. in Fairmont, Georgia in 1905 and continues as a family business today. “My grandfather, George Greene, apprenticed under his father and opened his own store in Rome on Broad Street in 1948,” says owner Elaine Abercrombie. 

While her grandfather wanted to open a store in Elijay, her grandmother wanted to open it in Rome. “My grandparents flipped a coin to decide where to open their business. Thankfully, the coin chose Rome!” And Greene’s convenient, downtown location on Broad Street makes for an easy and fun ring-shopping experience.  

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So, what can you expect on the day of your consultation? We asked! 

“Meeting with engaged couples is always a treat,” says Abercrombie. “We explain the complexities of diamonds and the many ways that they can be set. Usually, they have a style or shape in mind, so our selection includes different styles, different metals, different shapes, and even different gemstones.”  

And anyone familiar with diamonds has probably heard of the 4 C’s; cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. Working with an expert to understand the 4 C’s ensures you are making a solid purchase and helps relieve any anxiety that a bridal couple might have. “Using magnification can reveal all aspects of a diamond which brings up the 5th “C”, confidence,” says Abercrombie. “Our clients are then confident in our abilities, our products, and our service. We enjoy spending time with our engaged couples. And in a way, we are helping to create a new family!” 

Already have a specific design in mind? Greene’s specializes in taking your ideas and creating the perfect custom piece. “To create or recreate a ring from an idea that we have, or our client has, is one of the things that we like most to do,” says Abercrombie. “Gold, being a precious metal, can be used over and over. We can take our clients’ jewelry and have it redesigned into just about anything. The possibilities are endless.”  

It isn’t just the gold that is precious but the commitment that is displayed in client satisfaction. There is something quite special about this business to Abercrombie. Being able to walk into work every day in a building that adorns her family name is something she takes seriously. 

Having worked in the store since she was a child, she has seen many clients come and go and has the same drive to make sure each one of them leaves feeling confident in their purchase. The bond Abercrombie feels with her grandparents spills over into each client she works with. You can know without a doubt that at Greene’s, you will be treated like family. 

Schedule your consultation at Greene’s Jewelers by calling 706-291-7236 or visiting 328 Broad Street, Rome, Ga. 

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