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Garrett Jones is a North Carolina native, a die-hard Tar Heels fan, a devoted husband and father, and the proud owner of Cornerstone Concrete and Civil. His wife, Lauren, is a lifelong Roman, growing up in the Coosa community, and as it often does, love helped him find a new place to call home.

It was in Rome that he started his business, and the Rome community fostered its growth. What started in 2008 with two guys and a wheelbarrow has expanded into a company that while primarily serving the Northwest Georgia region, expands into several other states in the Southeast.

Garrett remembers those humble beginnings well

“I was working for a regional company, and they had me on the road constantly,” recalls Jones. “I just remember waking up to leave with my wife still asleep and not wanting to leave. So, me and my business partner started Cornerstone and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

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In the beginning, they took the jobs they could get. Sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and just about anything, but the urge to grow was something Jones couldn’t ignore, so he started shooting for larger projects and shooting his shots paid off.   

Garrett and Lauren Jones

He bought out his partner in 2015 and has done work for Coosa Steel, International Paper, Kerry Foods, and many more large local industry leaders. From there the company continued to grow and in 2021 the opportunity to acquire Kevin Gurley Inc was presented to Jones, and he took advantage. 

That acquisition allowed Cornerstone the ability to offer a comprehensive, turn-key, site preparation and development scope to their clients, spurring further growth for the company. Jones attributes it all to the support from the Rome community they have received over the years. And though he is North Carolina born and bred, he is a Roman through and through.

“We are a Rome-grown company,” says Jones. “My family and I love it here, my employees live here, and I’m personally excited for all the great things on the horizon for our community. We wouldn’t want to call any other place home.”

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