Black Bear Treehouse: Cameron Flaisch Photography | FoResTreeHouse: Provided by FoResTreeHouse and Airbnb

The Black Bear Treehouse 

Embrace the tranquility of Lavender Mountain in a luxury treehouse situated just a 20-minute drive from Rome, GA. Built on the edge of a meadow and overlooking a sprawling valley, experience full relaxation in this tranquil space. 

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We have had the FoResTreeHouse for two years; it was fun getting to be creative with the unique design of the place. There are a lot of different wood species incorporated into the building that gives the structure lots of character and uniqueness. Most wood species used were locally sourced and native to this region of North Georgia. A lot of items in the space are reclaimed and were incorporated into the construction from the start.  

What sets us apart:  

Our guests can expect to enjoy peace and quiet on our private back porch with hammock swings, private hot tub, fire pit, and will more than likely see wildlife passing through. As a 5-star destination just 6 miles off Interstate 75, we have had guests from all over the world. If you’re looking for a cozy, relaxing yet playful spot, check us out on Airbnb. 

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