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Split Rock offers potential buyers three bedroom, two and a half bath and four bedroom, three bath townhomes with a modern, clean aesthetic. The beautiful brick structures meet that description from the very first glance, with their white exterior and black garage doors delivering a classy and sleek look that is consistent throughout the property.

All in all, Split Rock will host four buildings with a total of 24 townhomes, each of which includes a one-car garage (attached for three-bedroom units and detached for four-bedroom units) and additional parking places per unit. Guest parking is plentiful as well, with five of the eight acres used to create ample parking for all.

The careful consideration for the comfort and convenience of homeowners certainly doesn’t stop there. Each of the townhome’s exterior walls have two inches of space between them, eliminating shared walls with neighbors. A homeowner’s association is in place to ensure the property remains well kept and beautiful for its residents. The modern aesthetics, some of which are customizable, are consistent with the outward appearance of the property.

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The project was a labor of love for a couple that has owned the piece of land where they sit for over two decades.

“We have had this property for close to 20 years and for the longest time just weren’t sure what to do with it,” says listing agent Leslie Hoyt Pearson. “Hoyt Hill was so successful downtown, that eventually my husband, Jack Pearson, who is the developer and the builder decided to move forward with building these townhomes and we are excited to unveil the finished product.”

While the completion date for all four buildings is set for mid-July, building one is finished, and presale opportunities for building two are available. Those who get a jump on them have several options to customize the interior of the homes, with two choices of colors for cabinets, countertops, tile and hardware available.

As they near completion on building two, buildings three and four are each estimated to be finished six weeks after each other, meeting that mid-July deadline. Having the developer and builder involved in the project will certainly help meet those deadlines as Jack Pearson Construction has a wonderful reputation that spans over 30 years.

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“Initially we wanted to rent them, but with the shortage of homes for sale on the market we decided to sell them instead,” says Pearson. “That led us to making some decisions on the look and feel of the houses that would make them feel more like home. That started with painting the brick on the exterior in order to give them a warmer feel and extended inside with elevated light fixtures, cabinetry and a spacious floorplan.”

“We are also really excited to offer a master bedroom on the main floor in our four-bedroom units because so many townhomes do not have that as an option.”

The opportunity to grab your slice of modern serenity at Split Rock is a phone call away.

“We are so excited to show prospective buyers the property and are on schedule to finish all four buildings by mid-July,” says Pearson. “Our model home is completed and furnished, so touring can really help give them a feel for the floorplan and help them envision how they will furnish the space if they decide to call Split Rock home.”


For more information call Leslie Hoyt Pearson at 706.506.2986 or Hardy Realty at 706.291.4321