As always, creativity is being brewed at Rome, Georgia’s one and only craft brewery, River Remedy.   

While the staples on the menu are there for the creatures of habit, Justin Shepard and his team are always playing with new recipes sure to garner awards like those that came before them.   

The latest of these flavorful escapades comes in the form of a sour beverage inspired by Jamwich’s Hawaiian jam bars called the Hana Hou, which is Hawaiian slang meaning, to do it again or encore. It’s a term commonly used to express appreciation for something that has been enjoyed and this collaboration certainly hits the spot.   

With a sweet start and a tart finish, but neither too sweet nor too tart in totality, this refreshing creation is perfect for the summer season. It was born from a simple conversation between Shepard and Jamwich Food Truck Owner, Shadae Yancey, and it seems it may be the first, but certainly not the last collaboration between the two Rome staples.   

“The idea for a sour-seltzer was something we were already dreaming up,” says Shepard. “We wanted to create a heavily fruited dessert drink and as we were ramping up that process we learned about the Georgia Beer Festivals collaboration-based contest. We hadn’t entered anything yet, but after looking into it, my bar manager, Derek Tucker, and I thought about the jam bars Jamwich serves and reached out to Shadae about creating the drink with those flavors.”  

 She agreed and the Hana Hou was born.   

“I have a lot of respect for Justin and the variety of beverages they produce,” says Jamwich Food Truck Owner Operator Shadae Yancey. “We have worked together for some time and our collective customers appreciate food and drinks that are crafted with quality ingredients. So, when they asked me if we could work on a beverage based on my Hawaiian jam bars I didn’t hesitate to say yes.”  

With the collaboration in full swing, Shepard worked his magic and finished the beverage in just enough time to submit it to the Georgia Beer Festival, which took place on Saturday May 18th. Win, lose or draw, this first collaboration between River Remedy & Jamwich has only opened the door for more, with a few more recipes already in the works. As for the Hana Hou, locals can look forward to laying their lips on an ice-cold pint when it is tapped and unveiled on Saturday June 1st.   

Jamwich will be there serving food and of course the Hawaiian Jam Bars to accompany their new liquid partner and it’s hard to imagine patrons not demanding an encore.   

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Hana Hou: slang, Hawaiian. To do it again, encore. Used to express appreciation for something that has been enjoyed. 
Based on Jamwich’s Hawaiian Jambars, our sour seltzer fusion has all the flavors of pineapple upside-down cake: sweet cherries, creamy vanilla yellow cake, and tangy pineapple. Hana Hou is gluten-free and approachable to non-beer drinkers like a seltzer, but we brewed it like a sour ale! Give it a try and you’ll be saying Hana Hou! Get me another one! 

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