Stormy Weather

Springtime is officially here and while we are all glad to welcome back warmer weather, with it come some pretty serious storm systems. Generators can be a great asset to provide power when lines go down in a storm, but they can also be dangerous if hooked up and used improperly.  

To protect yourself and the linemen working hard to restore our power, always make sure the main breaker is off when using a generator, so the energy doesn’t feed back into the main line. Being familiar with your equipment is also very important, so read the manual so you understand how to operate the generator.  

If you are using a gasoline-fueled generator, make sure to place it away from your home in an outside area.  

If you are currently without a generator for your home and considering having one installed, please give us a call for a free-consultation and remember to call Matthews Lighting and Electric for all your electrical needs.