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R.A.D. Toys, established in 2023, is the brainchild of Jamie and Jerry Baker and is the sister store of Trendy Teachers, founded in 2020. Inspired by the lack of local options for teachers and parents seeking educational toys, we took the leap during the COVID era to create havens for families and teachers alike.

Products & Services:

At R.A.D. Toys, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of educational toys, books, sensory play items, STEM toys, toys for neurodivergent children, and dress-up. Our commitment to affordability means we follow MSRP and often beat Amazon’s prices. Some of our favorite brands we sell include Melissa and Doug, Lego, FatBrain Toys, and Learning Resources, Mindware, and more!

Astra Certified Play Expert

We are also the only ASTRA Toy members in Rome and have earned the ASTRA Certified Play Expert credentials. This has deepened our knowledge about child development and the importance of play—through all ages!

We received research-based instruction in several core areas, including theories of child development, characteristics of major developmental stages, types of play and their benefits, advocating for play, and making sense of play.

These educational sessions and classes helped us gain valuable insights and skills that help us understand the science behind play, enabling us to better serve our customers when picking out toys.

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Achievements & Milestones:

We are proud to say that our dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, we were honored with the “Emerging Business of the Year” award by the Rome Floyd Chamber of Commerce, following previous accolades such as the “Creative Marketing Award” in 2022 and the “Business Expansion Award” in 2023. Jamie Baker was also invited to and has accepted a spot as a board member for the Downtown Development Authority.

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Mission & Vision:

Beyond business success, our mission is rooted in community engagement. We take pride in hosting monthly free interactive events for children, fostering creativity and learning. Past events include “Crafts with the Easter Bunny,” “Grinch Day,” and “Paint n’ Pot,” a collaboration with our neighboring business, Bluem.

Personal Touch:

Behind R.A.D. Toys is a small but dedicated team—Jamie Baker, the friendly neighborhood entrepreneur, supported by my husband, son, and a local teacher. Together, we pour our hearts into every aspect of running our stores, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for all who walk through our doors.

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