We spend time in this column discussing trends and traditions. Trends are events or behaviors that seem to be more common occurrences, which were not part of events or behaviors of the past. Traditions are events and occasions, and details within those occasions, which have historic relevance in that they do not change over time or change very slowly. I notice trends that are wonderful. We discuss trends that are fun and unique. This column is not about those trends. This column is about trends that have become so common and so overdone in the last few years that I would really love to see them fade away. Good trends should stick around and become traditions. Other trends need to gothe way of big hair and legwarmers.


Whew. I’m just not sure where to start here, and I know I’m offending some of my readers. But, Mason jars for any purpose other than canning pickles and jams should have pretty much faded away by now. I know my mom pulled out some Mason jars for us to drink from back in my high school days, and with the rise of Mason jars as everything from candle holders to vases at weddings, I’m just about over the use of them. The trend to use Mason jars and burlap at weddings became really popular around 10 years ago. Can we all agree that it’s run its course? I would love to see the “rustic” look embrace a few more elements than these two. I would suggest vintage glassware instead of Mason jars, and calico prints or traditional flax-colored linen for table linens. Use quilts and enamelware plates. I think there are many more ways to have a country, casual event without having to introduce a tired Mason jar or itchy burlap. There, I said it.


Here is where I may lose some additional readers. We’ve discussed gender reveal parties in this column before, and I conceded by saying that any cause for celebration is a good celebration. I may be wrong. After talking with many who’ve attended these parties, it seems a baby shower is a much better celebration for the new life that is coming. I’ve known three couples in the last year alone who were told the baby would be one gender only to find out in a subsequent doctor visit that, in fact, the baby (babies, in one case) is an entirely alternate gender. From what I’m hearing, only the grandparents are really that thrilled about coming, and my experience with the generation above me is that they really just want you to cut to the chase. Phone up your family and say, “We’re having a !” and be done with it, or send a cute email or simply post a photo of something pink or blue. We get it. And please consider what you’re putting the ultrasound tech- nician through. There’s a lot of pressure to get the prognostication right when there’s so much riding on the big gender reveal party. Ease up on the poor tech, they have about 20 more scans to do before going home for the day.


Really? Just hand the phone to some- one and ask them to take your photo. That’s what we did in the old days, and we rarely had anyone run off with our cameras. If you’re that concerned that you don’t want to hand the phone to someone, then at least get one of those selfie sticks so your shoulder doesn’t ruin every shot. And if your selfie is a photo of just yourself, then check your motives. If you want to show off a great new haircut, then ask your stylist to join you in the photo, and ask someone at the salon to capture the moment. I’m all for a little promotion of businesses and persons you love, but make the story about the business or event and less about yourself.



For many, this comment may make you think of “fake” news or even old news. And that’s part of what I think could stop. If you’re using social media, try to come up with something unique or clever to post, instead of someone else’s unique and clever post. Not to say that an educational article, from a reputable source which is current both in its original publication and current to the issues of our day, should not be re-shared. It should. Just try to be selective. And be a sleuth. Before reposting anything, check the source and the date of original publication. This becomes particularly critical when sharing a post of a missing person or pet. Fake stories resurface every few years (no, Apple is not giving away a laptop) and really junk up the place. Everyone should take responsibly for cleaning up the social networks by ceasing the reposted posts of yesterday. Be unique, be yourself, or spend time doing something else. I do wonder if we will even still have Facebook or Twitter 20 years from today.


Haven’t we proved by now that this is not a reality show, but a scripted piece of entertain- ment? Does real love start with a contest between really pretty people on national television where everyone takes an extraordinary amount of time off of their “real” jobs and lives in a mansion? In the 30-plus seasons between the two shows, only five have ended in an actual marriage. There’s never been an overweight contestant and only one contestant with any type of disability. Even the creators now say that the contestants become characters and follow the direction of the producers to create drama. Please don’t get me started on the “overnight dates” that are filmed and televised (and edited). If my precious Italian-Catholic grand- mother were alive today, she would say, “Turn that off and go find something better to do with your time.” Listen to Nonny. She was wise.

Here’s to 2017 and the opportunity for new trends to push their way through!


Holly Lynch is the owner of The Season Events, a full service catering, event planning and design company.

is the owner of The Season Events, a full-service catering, event planning and design company.