Dr. Marc Wetherington

Dr. Marc Wetherington may be as much a Rome fixture as Broad Street, as he has been an active physician, business owner and neighbor since 1988. After 20 years at Harbin Clinic and nine years at Wetherington Plastic Surgery, his practice is undergoing its own rejuvenation with the roll out of Horizons Plastic Surgery. He recognizes that with the advancement of new surgical and non-surgical techniques and products, and his attention to providing latest treatments, a new name and a new website will highlight those offerings.

His practice before the holidays bustles with activity, while waiting for an appointment, a visitor hears the soft click of doors, a reassuring murmur of clinicians’ voices as they prepare clients for their procedures or remind them of after care needs. A private waiting room holds a muted, large-screen television tuned to the news and overstuffed chairs allow family members to rest in comfort. The room is studded with his many accreditations, certificates and diplomas; it is clear he has studied his field closely throughout his career. On prominent display are several types of breast implants he uses to show clients how he can customize a treatment plan for each person.

Customization and personalization are central principles in Dr. Wetherington’s practice. “I treat to complete,” whatever that may look like for each patient, he says. “About half of my patients are cosmetic,” while the remainder consists of reconstruction after illness or accident. He stresses that plastic surgery is as much art as science, combining appropriate techniques and procedures “to render the patient back to an aesthetic that looks completely natural.” Dr. Wetherington prides himself on his attention to “natural” results. “You should not know my patients have had anything done,” he says.

Dr. Wetherington achieves these results through careful consultation with his patients, and has counseled people away from procedures they demand. He tells of one patient who was seeking help after a procedure with a different practice did not achieve her desired results. Dr. Wetherington advised a different course of action, suggesting she wait a few months before trying anything else. “She told me it was the first time anyone had said no to her, and she was thankful for that.” His advice allowed the effects of her injections to cede, giving him a better chance at providing the results she sought, while also maintaining his high level of care.

According to Dr. Wetherington, injectable treatments have grown both in technology and FDA approval, giving him a wider range of materials to use. This variety of products allows him to focus small injections of intentionally chosen sizes to achieve specific results for each patient.

Dr. Wetherington does all the injections himself, rather than leaving that to a staff member, for distinct reasons. First, he is a trained and licensed medical professional and his practice meets and exceeds mandated standards for privacy, sterility and medical care. Additionally, having a doctor perform injections, rather than someone at, say, a Botox party, patients are assured of receiving carefully crafted injections, rather than a one-size-fits-all recipe intended to satisfy a large group at one time. Finally, if any issues arise from the injection, or results are not satisfactory, he is always available at his practice, unlike injection party practitioners. He remains one of the area’s busiest physicians performing his own injections.

Injections are just one of the many service lines on the slate at Horizons Plastic Surgery. Dr. Wetherington described a few other popular, safe and successful procedures he performs at his Rome office. SculptSure is a new therapy that uses “laser energy to kill up to 22 percent of” fat cells in a given region. He says he has performed this treatment on women’s inner thighs, chins and necks and on the flanks of men. In two 25-minute sessions, the laser “penetrates the skin, kills fat absorbed by body,” and is less invasive than liposuction. Before offering this treatment, Wetherington sought similar strategies, and compares it to CoolSculpt, which freezes fat. He chose SculptSure as it doesn’t take as long, covers more area and achieves a smoother affect in bordering areas.

Another fast-growing treatment Horizons Plastic Surgery offers is microneedling called SkinPen. Dr. Wetherington says the technique consists of “very superficial needle punctures that leave no bleeding.”

After an application of topical numbing cream, he can begin the procedure wherein every puncture causes the growth of collagen. Essentially, the needles cause low-grade injury to which the body responds by healing it. Three treatments, one month apart produce short-term, mild to moderate redness in the skin which then shows an improvement in fine wrinkles, texture, over-pigmentation. “It is approved for all skin types and very, very safe,” he explains. For sculpting and microneedling, he is assisted by Destin, a trained cosmetologist who can perform the procedures as well as advise on post-treatment skin care.

One additional procedure Horizons offers is fat grafting for facial cosmetic purposes. In this treatment, the patient’s own fat is harvested from the inner thigh and processed. It is reduced to very small particles that is then re-injected into the face in strategic places to create a smoothness that lasts longer than traditional fillers. As with fillers, dose and time are key. Putting in too much too fast in too many places will produce an unnatural effect.

Horizons Plastic Surgery will continue to provide patients with a quality of care and personalized results they have come to expect from Dr. Wetherington and his staff. “As I’ve matured in my practice, and seen and done what works,” he seeks to refine what he offers and to launch new services. He defines Horizons as the “intersection of surgical techniques, modern technology, safety and either restoring on enhancing what a patient is already blessed with.”

Find out what other new services Dr. Wetherington and his staff are offering at www.HorizonsPlasticSurgery.com