Graphic Design for cover image provided by Shaun Ellis, Rome High School student and winner of the 2019 V3 December cover contest.

Just like that, it is Christmas time again.

My wife and I got an early start on the shopping this year in hopes to lessen the stress that comes with scrambling to buy and wrap gifts last minute. It is a good goal and I’ll let you know if we achieve it.

But as a sat down to write this note and thought about what holiday topics I could delve into, my mind settled on just how bad I am at gift wrapping.

Full disclosure, here.

When it comes to the gifts I buy my wife, I either let the store I purchase the item from take care of it, beg my mother to do it or give it my best effort. That last option is one that is avoided at all cost. My wife and daughter, for some reason, actually enjoy gift wrapping. So, I’ve tried to take notes and some of their techniques have certainly improved my finished product. However, cutting straight lines, precise folding and a delicate touch with scotch tape don’t come easy for me.

If I’m lucky, my packages have a good side. If I sit them under the tree the right way, I can hide their flaws.

I try to do my part to help, but rightfully get relegated to the bulk wrapping of kids gifts that will be torn to shreds in seconds without a thought about how pretty the package is. And I’m okay with that.

While digesting this shortcoming of mine, one of my cheesiest ideas of all time sparked in my head. I may not be good at wrapping, I thought, but I do fancy myself as a bit of a rapper. Why not create track about Christmas in our neck of the woods?

If I was going to actually do this, I needed a partner-in-cheese and it just so happens our Editor in Chief, Oliver Robbins is a gifted word smith that might lend his talents to the effort. I asked, he said yes and after a few short hours and a little help from the our friends Mark Price, Jr. and Andy Calvert, we created a track we would like to share with all of you titled “Christmas in the R-Town.”

I hope it’s something you can throw on and enjoy while wrapping your presents this holiday season. If nothing else it should be good for a laugh.

Happy Holidays.