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As our world has changed before our eyes, uncertainty and panic have been understandably present emotions. The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in more ways than one, but the efforts to suppress the spread have been amazing. Kindness has been prevalent, which during a time of sudden change speaks volumes about humanity.

Changes have been abundant and sudden, but the response has been united. “This situation has been unlike anything any of us have experienced in our lifetime,” says Barry Ray, Founder and CEO of Legacy Senior Living. “All of us have had to deal with added stress inside and outside of the workplace. From restaurants and grocery stores having limited supplies, schools being closed, and many church services being pushed online, the fabric of our daily lives has been shaken.”

As an organization focused on the livelihood of senior citizens, this crisis has been something Legacy Senior Living has been monitoring and preparing for. This means that despite the unknowns, the team members at each facility, including Renaissance Marquis, are prepared to meet challenges head on in order to put the needs of the residents they serve at the forefront.

“Our profession has rightly been a key focus during this time,” says Founder and President Bryan Cook. “Our clients have entrusted us with a sacred responsibility, the daily care of someone you deeply love. We welcome that responsibility as our calling and approach it with utmost seriousness, commitment, and respect. We want you to know that our highest priority is keeping your loved ones and our team members as safe as possible.”

For decades, Legacy Senior Living has had the privilege of caring for senior residents at their facilities across multiple southeastern states, and that experience has played a huge factor in how they have handled this crisis. PPE supplies are always available and the longstanding relationships with vendors who provide those supplies and other essential needs have ensured their continued delivery throughout this crisis.

“Part of our mission and service view has always been to provide the highest quality care to our residents, which includes having ample supplies,” says Ray. “The COVID-19 crisis heightens that responsibility to a higher degree, now more than ever. We want you to know that we are aggressively monitoring this crisis with the CDC, local, state and national officials and are constantly working together to determine the best courses of action to keep everyone at our facilities safe,” he says.

One such safety measure that Legacy Senior Living employed for all of their facilities in Georgia is taking advantage the Georgia National Guard’s infection-control team, which provides disinfection and enhanced sanitation services that are approved by the EPA and follow protocols of the Centers for Disease Control and Infection and the state health department.

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“Thanks to the remarkable efforts of staff and the cooperation of our residents and families, we have been able to keep everyone safe. We continue to do all we can to protect our staff and residents and are proud to have partnered with the National Guard to help control this virus,” said Renita Carnes, Executive Director for Renaissance Marquis.

With safety being priority number one, the staff is also focused on making sure the residents have what they need to maintain quality of life during this trying time as well. The continuity of the staff plays a huge role in maintaining a sense of normalcy and community. It is a privilege that team members of the Legacy Senior Living staff don’t take lightly, as they have been called to serve with the utmost importance during these troubling times.

“Our mission is to serve the greatest generation with honor, respect, faith and integrity,” says Ray. “The COVID-19 crisis will not shake that commitment, rather it solidifies it more than ever. Our teams are working tirelessly for you and we want you to know you can count on us to serve.”

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