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It is no surprise that business is booming for The Herb Shop on Broad Street. With Businesses opening back up, schools gearing up to start soon, and the still rising Covid-19 numbers has many people looking for preventative methods, to protect themselves in the fall. It turns out there are several supplements we should all be taking to give our immune system a healthy boost.

Linda Wardlaw, Manager of The Herb Shop, shares their mission, “We care about our customer’s health and wellbeing. We try to use our knowledge in ways that will benefit the people who come to our shop. Being healthy and staying healthy is of the utmost importance, especially now,” She describes several suggested remedies available to boost our immune systems and get them ready for the upcoming cold and flu season.

Linda Wardlaw

“If you have taken vitamins and herbs all your life or are just now considering starting a regimen, we can help you make wise decisions concerning your health,” says Wardlaw. The four most important supplements to strengthen your immune system are VS-C, Nature’s Sunshine’s Elderberry Defense, Vitamin D3, and of course Vitamin C.

VS-C is and anti-viral Chinese formula that has long been recommended for use as a natural supplement to strengthen your defense against several viral strains. Nature’s Sunshine VS-C is available in capsule and liquid form to meet your dosing preferences.

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Nature’s Sunshine also makes Elderberry Defense. This capsule is a blend of Elderberry (builds immune defense), Echinacea (natural antibiotic), and Olive Leaf Extract (natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral properties). This capsule is a higher concentration than found in a simple elderberry/ echinacea tea.

Vitamin D3 is a great immune builder. Ordinarily taken in the winter, when people are not outside getting as much sunshine as in the summer months, Vitamin D3 is recommended to ward off the cold and flu.

Vitamin C of course an extremely useful supplement to boost your immunity. The Herb Shop on Broad has Liposomal C, a specially designed form of Vitamin C that is fat-soluble. This allows it to stay in the system longer and enables the body to tolerate more C than regular.

There are immune-boosting supplements at The Herb Shop specifically formulated for children in gummy and wafer form. Something to consider with schools reopening right around the corner. Be healthy. Stay healthy.

“We, the staff at The Herb Shop on Broad, do not treat, diagnose, or cure illnesses.”- The Herb Shop

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